An Aug. 29 graphic comparing different measures of national poverty was labeled incorrectly. According to the official measure, the poverty rate in 2003 was 12.5 percent. According to an alternative measure that considers factors such as variable cost of living and more accurate price inflation, the poverty rate in 2003 was 14.2 percent.

An Aug. 29 Washington Business article about a major underwriter of bonds for the District incorrectly said that the investment bank M.R. Beal & Co. made a $5,000 loan to the 2004 campaign of D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8). Barry, a paid consultant to M.R. Beal at the time, made the loan to the campaign himself. M.R. Beal, in turn, disclosed Barry's loan to the campaign in a filing with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.

The Coming and Going column in the Aug. 28 Travel section said that consumers in Venezuela enjoy the world's lowest gas prices, at 12 cents a gallon. Consumers in Iraq pay as little as 5 cents a gallon for heavily subsidized gas.

An Aug. 27 article on White House terrorism adviser Frances Fragos Townsend incorrectly reported her husband's legal specialty. He is an arbitration lawyer, not an arbitrage lawyer.

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