Indonesia Launches

Polio Vaccination Drive

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Parents and children lined up Tuesday across Indonesia in a national polio vaccination drive targeting 24 million youngsters, but health workers said some could be missed because of widespread rumors that the vaccine is unsafe or violates Islamic law.

Polio has sickened 225 children since the virus reappeared in predominantly Muslim Indonesia in March for the first time in 10 years. Tuesday's operation was the latest effort in a six-month campaign to stamp it out.

"The preparation was good, and certainly at this stage, there are encouraging signs that the first national immunization day was a success," said David Hipgrave, UNICEF's chief for health and nutrition in Indonesia.

Scattered reports from Jakarta showed that turnout was high, but Hipgrave said the actual level of participation nationwide would not be known for days.

The Americas

* RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazil's military continued work on an atomic bomb after it was ordered to scrap the program in 1985 and, by 1990, had nearly finished building one, a leading nuclear scientist said.

Jose Luiz Santana, former president of Brazil's nuclear energy commission, said the military was preparing a test explosion when the program was ultimately dismantled in August 1990.

* LIMA, Peru -- The missing flight data recorder from a Peruvian airliner that crashed last week has been recovered, turned in by a man who scavenged it from the wreckage, a prosecutor said.

Cesar Cabello had taken the data recorder home but handed it over to civil aviation investigators Monday in exchange for a $500 reward posted by TANS Peru airline, prosecutor Cesar Arroyo said.


* MANILA -- Impeachment proceedings against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo fell into chaos as opposition lawmakers walked out of a committee hearing and claimed that her backers were unjustly trying to quash the case.

Some members of the House Justice Committee threw papers into the air as they stormed from their seats when the chairman, Rep. Simeon Datumanong, tried to cut off debate for a vote on which one of the three impeachment complaints against Arroyo should be considered. The Philippine constitution allows only one impeachment proceeding against an official within a year.

* JAKARTA, Indonesia -- The president signed a decree granting amnesty to about 2,000 jailed members of the Free Aceh Movement as well as leaders of the group living in exile. The amnesty was part of an Aug. 15 peace pact for Aceh province.

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