Some intra-agency support: Postal workers terrorized by angry dogs are getting help from Connecticut's prison guards.

A DVD produced by corrections officials and distributed around the Northeast gives tips for avoiding attacks. Last year, there were more than 3,000 dog attacks on postal workers across the country, according to Postal Service statistics.

"I never really realized how dangerous that job can be," said David Carroll of the prison system's canine unit.

Scott Reynolds, Postal Service safety specialist, said the video took shape when a postmaster asked prison officials for a dog-attack demonstration.

The nine-minute video shows a trained dog named Brady assailing a guard dressed as a postal worker. The fake carrier shouts while keeping his mail satchel between him and the dog. While he yells, he pushes the dog back with his bag and climbs into the truck.

Yelling helps get attention from anyone nearby, and postal workers are advised to report aggressive dogs to animal control. Mail carriers are also told to maintain constant vigilance.

"Sometimes it's so fast you don't have the time to react, especially when you have mail in your hands," said carrier Joe Patty.

The video got such a positive response in Connecticut that it was sent to New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts.

-- Associated Press

Brady, a 11/2-year-old German shepherd, with corrections officer Dan Murray, is helping mail carriers learn how to handle dog attacks.