Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore will begin advertising on television throughout the state Tuesday and will broadcast an ad about transportation on Northern Virginia stations.

Television viewers across the state will see an ad about Kilgore's experience as the state's attorney general, which ran on cable stations earlier this year, campaign aides said. Other ads will focus on different issues for different regions, they said.

Kilgore advisers said none of the ads is negative or critical of Democratic candidate Timothy M. Kaine; political observers say they expect negative ads to come shortly, as Election Day nears. Kaine, Virginia's lieutenant governor, began running largely positive TV ads last week.

Kilgore's Northern Virginia ad, called "Get Moving," is a 30-second spot aimed at convincing voters that electing Kilgore would help get traffic moving again.

The ad starts with images of cars stuck in traffic with horns blaring in the background. An announcer promises that Kilgore will widen Interstate 66 inside the Capital Beltway, use more state dollars for roads and give local governments more control over transportation.

"Instead of letting Richmond bureaucrats decide who gets new roads," the announcer says, "he has a plan that gives more control to local communities. It's time for action. It's time to get traffic moving. It's time for Jerry Kilgore."

"We're definitely sending the message that Jerry Kilgore is the candidate who has a solid plan to put more money into transportation projects," Kilgore spokesman Tim Murtaugh said Saturday.

Kilgore's promise to widen I-66 through Arlington is the most controversial portion of his transportation plan and is similar to a promise that former governor James S. Gilmore III (R) made in the late 1990s. Murtaugh acknowledged that Kilgore's plan does not include a specific proposal for how to pay for the widening.

"There will be more money for transportation, and some of that will go for I-66," Murtaugh said. He said Kilgore's plans for regional transportation authorities would allow communities to raise money for the project. "There are any number of ways."

Kaine is "leaving all options on the table" regarding the widening of I-66 but believes it is a decision to be made in consultation with the governments affected, said Kaine spokeswoman Delacey Skinner.

She said Kilgore's plan does not include money for transportation. Instead, Skinner said, it would require regions to consider raising taxes to pay for roads.

"Jerry Kilgore can't be trusted on this issue," she said. "What he doesn't tell Virginia's voters in this ad or anywhere is that his transportation plan would require a major local tax hike."

In addition to the transportation ad, Northern Virginia viewers also will see Kilgore's "Experience" spot, which emphasizes his experience as a prosecutor and attorney general. It also mentions abolishing parole and fighting domestic abuse.

"Jerry Kilgore," the announcer says as the music swells. "The experience to be governor."

Luis Osorio, right, gives Jerry W. Kilgore cooking tips during a campaign stop.