On Golden Gate, Ostrich

Ruffles Police Feathers

Tourists strolling the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco had a little something extra to photograph last week -- a six-foot-tall ostrich, running loose on the landmark span.

Traffic was stopped during afternoon rush hour for 10 minutes on Monday, while police chased the bird. The ostrich had been riding in the back of Ronald Love's van.

Love had just bought the bird for $300, rescuing it from a date with the slaughterhouse. The Northern California vegetable farmer plans to keep the bird for its eggs.

As Love drove across the bridge just north of the toll plaza, he accelerated suddenly and the ostrich broke free. She took off running toward San Francisco.

"The ostrich's butt broke the window," Love told the San Francisco Chronicle. "You never would think an ostrich could fit through a little window, but she did."

Love grabbed the ostrich after she headed off the bridge and into an enclosure where tow trucks are stored. The bird was unharmed except for a minor road rash from the fall. Police said she was resting at home.

-- Sonya Geis

A female ostrich that escaped from owner Ronald Love's van and transfixed tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge was recovered unharmed after about a 10-minute walkabout.