In a Sept. 7 Metro article, Angelo Braddy, who was fatally shot in Hyattsville, was incorrectly identified as DeAngelo Braddy.

A photo caption with a Sept. 7 Style article about the 2005 Kennedy Center Honors suggested that the dancer pictured was Suzanne Farrell. It was Chan Hon Goh, in a performance for Farrell's ballet company.

In a Sept. 7 Food article, a nutritionist misstated the calorie content of olive oil. Olive oil contains about 120 calories per tablespoon, not per teaspoon.

Because of incorrect information from a company spokesman, a Sept. 6 Business article about Wal-Mart's hurricane relief efforts misstated the number of trucks filled with donated merchandise the chain sent to the Gulf Coast. It was about 100, not 1,500.

A Working item in the Sept. 6 Business section incompletely characterized the tax treatment of how employers handle employee use of company cars. Employers are already required to treat personal use of vehicles as income to the employee or take an after-tax deduction from pay for the value of such use. But employers may not use the cents-per-mile valuation method for any vehicle worth more than $14,800.

A Sept. 6 Health article about emergency contraception incorrectly stated that combination oral contraceptives may increase the risk for endometrial cancer. The drugs are thought to protect against that form of cancer.