A military jury acquitted a second Army reservist Thursday in the beating of a detainee in Afghanistan who later died.

Sgt. Darin Broady of Jeffersonville, Ind., had been accused of aggravated assault, maltreatment and making a false official statement.

In Thursday's trial, a witness who had testified two days earlier that Broady was present during the beating said she could not recall Broady hitting the man.

Sgt. Keri Patterson had testified Tuesday in the trial of Sgt. Christopher W. Greatorex, who was acquitted after defense attorneys argued that Patterson was mistaken. Patterson said then that Broady was present when she saw Greatorex kick the detainee in 2002 at a detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan.

But on Thursday, Patterson said the only thing she remembered clearly was Greatorex using debilitating knee strikes on the detainee, plus a kick to the abdomen.

"The only thing that stands out in my mind was the kick," Patterson said.

Greatorex, 34, testified that he never saw Broady assault a detainee.

Greatorex and Broady were members of the Cincinnati-based 377th Military Police Company. Charges against Sgt. James P. Boland, another member of the unit, were dropped and he was given a letter of reprimand for dereliction of duty.

No one has been charged with the detainee's death.