Montgomery County students on what they learned from their service projects to fulfill graduation requirements:

Alex Hindman, an eighth-grader at Robert Frost Middle School, played bingo with senior citizens and wrote letters to war veterans at Victory Terrace senior living center in Potomac, learning that "old people like to be with young people."

Laura Kallerson, an 11th-grader at Rockville High School, worked as a Red Cross volunteer at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, delivering handmade quilts and cards to wounded soldiers. "I learned that when you put someone else first, you feel better about yourself and what you have done."

Kelsey Boyd, an eighth-grader at Julius West Middle School, worked in a summer school classroom at Twinbrook Elementary School, helping a teacher and assisting students with reading and math. "I learned [that] I am very good with children (especially under the age of 7)."

Benjamin Parrow, a sixth-grader at Frost Middle School, worked at the school's "Day of Giving," sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association, helping with a silent auction to raise money for sick people overseas. "I learned that I am very fortunate to be well and have medicines to rehabilitate me. Also that there are many people dying as we speak around the world from many life-threatening diseases."

Albert Yuen, an 11th-grader at Rockville High School, worked at the Montgomery County Historical Society, helping with database entry, copying and filing of historical documents. "I learned that through hard work, I have the ability to help the future generations of our home."

Briana Rotello, an eighth-grader at Frost Middle School, helped prepare and deliver lunch at the Community Ministry of Montgomery County. "I learned that making someone else happy can make you happy, too."