Video Forevermore Makes

Mockery of Old Standby R.I.P.

Death has never been so telegenic.

Miami inventor Sergio Aguirre has come up with a solar-powered video panel embedded in a tombstone. Known as the Serenity Panel, it could run clips of the dearly departed playing with their children, climbing mountains or throwing back one too many at Hooters.

More than a few inventors have tried their hand at the vidstone business and abandoned it. But Aguirre thinks he has the problems licked. He has a 7-inch, shatter-proof screen, and he says four hours of sun could give the dead four hours of screen play.

Aguirre says he came up with the idea at his father-in-law's funeral. "At the end of the wake," he explained, "there was a drop-down projection screen, and it basically started with him with a martini and a top hat on his head and a pink boa around his neck. . . . What better way to celebrate his life?"

He's got a number of vidstones ordered, with the tombstone rollout beginning in October.

And he's already taken the "most innovative product" award at the international cemetery convention in Las Vegas.

-- Catharine Skipp

This is the Serenity Panel, the tombstone invention of a Miami man. With a shatter-proof screen, it can run video clips. The product is due out next month.