Under sample standards and goals for Washington area public schools, seventh-graders should be able to do the following:


* Describe a character based on the thoughts, words and actions of the character; the narrator's description; and what other characters do.

* Recognize multiple themes in a text and supply evidence of the themes from the selection.

* Analyze the characteristics and structural elements of a variety of poetic forms, such as epic, sonnet, ode, ballad, lyric, narrative poem, free verse and haiku.

* Calculate percentages. Calculate tips, interest earned and discounts at sales.

* Write and solve two-step linear equations (for example, y=2x+6) and check the answers.

* Use algebraic terminology including -- but not limited to -- variable, equation, term, coefficient, inequality, expression and constant.


* Listen to critically or read and discuss texts representing diversity in content, culture, authorship and perspective, including areas such as race, gender, disability, religion and socioeconomic background.

* Identify, describe, extend and create linear patterns and functions.

* Write an algebraic expression to represent unknown quantities.

* Design and carry out simple investigations and formulate appropriate conclusions based on data obtained.

* Evaluate the causes of conflict in the global community, such as apartheid, the acquisition of natural resources such as oil or water, the decline of communism, ethnic persecution, weapons of mass destruction and domestic and international terrorism.


* Develop narrative, expository and persuasive writing, applying prewriting strategies, elaborating the central idea in an organized manner and choosing vocabulary and information that will create voice and tone, among other things.

* Use a variety of graphic organizers, including sentence diagrams, to analyze and improve sentence formation and paragraph structure.

* Solve problems involving consumer applications, use proportional reasoning and gain proficiency in computations with integers.

* Gain an understanding of the properties of real numbers, solve one-step linear equations and inequalities and use data analysis techniques.