Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore has released two ads in which relatives of murder victims criticize Democrat Timothy M. Kaine.

Stanley Rosenbluth Ad

"Tim Kaine voluntarily represented the person who murdered my son," Rosenbluth says. "He stood with murderers in trying to get them off death row. No matter how heinous the crime, he doesn't believe that death is a punishment."

He holds a photo of his son, Richard, and daughter-in-law, Becky, who were killed in 1993 by Mark Sheppard, who was executed five years later. Shots are heard and lights flash during the ad.

"Being as liberal as he is on the death penalty," Rosenbluth says, "he's not representing everybody in the state."

Kelly Timbrook Ad

"Edward Bell was a drug dealer, illegally in this country," says the widow of Sgt. Rick Timbrook, who was murdered by Bell in 1999. She holds a photo of her husband.

"He was basically waiting for Rick underneath the stairs and shot him a few inches from his face.

"When they told me, I fell to my knees screaming. Edward Bell is in jail currently, waiting on death row.

"Tim Kaine called for a moratorium on the death penalty.

"How could you not think the death penalty was appropriate? When Tim Kaine calls the death penalty murder, I find it offensive. And I don't trust Tim Kaine to uphold that law."