The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


ADAMS ST., 1337-Sara S. Elkabir to Elkabir Adams Corp., $185,540.

AMES ST., 3958-James P. Broady to Lottie L. Joiner, $275,000.

BENNING RD., 4254-Chapelle Gray to Luis Alonso Hernandez, $255,000.

D ST., 1389-David L. and Eugenia F. Bruno Hart to Jill M. Cernok and Jason G. Larrabee, $523,500.

D ST., 1735-Andre and Luchiea T. Grissom to Brian C. Beasley, $339,200.

E ST., 1813-Bailey N. and Mattie L. Edmonds to Lyn Myles, $275,000.

F ST., 400-Sherwood J. Miles to Barbara Ann Burr, $935,100.

G ST., 226-Robert Lewis and Shirley Elaine Beatty to James F. and Mary T. Leary, $480,000.

HOLBROOK ST., 1207-Estate of Walter Hampton and Rudolphus Hampton to Andrew Furber, $285,000.

JACKSON ST., 1838-William Bryant to Matthew Scott Hiester and Amanda M. Sweet, $485,000.

K ST., 810-Oliver R. Morgan to Jonathan D. Kelsey, $345,000.

KRAMER ST., 1659-Archer III Corp. to Andrea and Archie Kelly, $199,900.

LEXINGTON PL., 644-Ricky R. Broadway to Dorvita J. Parker, $550,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1015-Eric Emanuel and Patricia Vercelli to Domenico Lombardi and Maria Viola, $910,000.

MORSE ST., 1132-David E. Moore to Anchinlema Manwasnot and Lulit Shiferaw, $232,000.

NORTH CAPITOL ST., 4705-Constance J. Hipkins to Jonathan C. Montgomery, $200,000.

OTIS ST., 3038-Estate of Roy Jackson, Mary S. Jackson and Roy K. Jackson to Kevin Pryor, $399,500.

QUEEN ST., 1223-Mildred Y. Nelson to Belinda E. and Gregory S. Nixon, $280,000.

R ST., 230-Ijeoma Obi to John K. Dixon, $305,000.

TAYLOR ST., 2020-Charles Parker to Scott A. Goodstein, $359,000.

TRINIDAD AVE., 1415-Kevin A. Towell to Teresa Wright, $240,000.

FIRST ST., 1932-Leslie B. Bellas and David Weiler to Raul Fabela and Ross Warner, $373,500.

SECOND ST., 2416-Ramona M. Essex and Lyle T. Miller to Joseph J. Matiko, $337,000.

THIRD ST., 2613-Total Real Estate Solutions Corp. to James Carlos Smith, $379,000.

FOURTH ST., 1150-Ann V. Baldinger and David P. Mueller to Jerry L. Case and Shawn A. Wistrom, $480,555.

EIGHTH ST., 726-Teodros Bekele and Zewdie Tulu to Ronald G. Brooks and Angelo Ellison, $345,000.

10TH ST., 3310-Apra S. and Marshall E. Cheeks to Paula L. Briscoe, $408,000.

10TH ST., 4718-Ekundayo K. and Olujide M. Akinola to Rosemary L. Ellis, $290,289.

15TH ST., 109-Olachi Onyewu to Heidi Elliott and Caroline A. Vollmer, $389,000.

15TH ST., 2213-Lillian B. McGill to Baxter Corp., $155,000.

16TH ST., 306-Gertrude R. Davis to Legendary Properties Corp., $355,000.

16TH ST., 5-Aimee B. Tavares to Lauren C. Proctor and Amy M. Shopkorn, $418,000.


ARCADIA PL., 3265-Francis Dobbs to Geoffrey Plague and Stacy Stordahl, $925,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 1620, No. 3D3-Mark K. Joyner to Luke D. and Uma Everett, $570,000.

BELMONT RD., 2032, No. 425-Mark A. Epstein to Jason E. and Stacie S. Turner, $239,900.

BLAGDEN AVE., 4235-Philippe C. Demol and Stuart M. Woodroffe to Paul J. Ortiz, $729,000.

BRANDYWINE ST., 4521-W. Fletcher Fairey and Frances L. Houck to Erin M. and Joseph J. Kraft, $801,000.

BRUMMEL CT., 574-Laurie Samuel and Earl Wilbanks to Louvenia W. Williams, $330,000.

BRYANT ST., 26-Jonathan Kolo and Karen Thomas to Melvin J. Wilbourn, $479,950.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1830, No. 2-Marian L. Thompson to Susan D. Dery, $406,500.

CALIFORNIA ST., 2127, No. 102-Jayme Weiner to Charles H. and Karen M. Lockwood, $485,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 3221-Ann C. Wright to Megan M. La Belle and David L. Orlic, $922,010.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4200, No. 418-Angel and Carmen L. Soto to Gabriel A. Somay and Consuelo Zuluaga, $170,300.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2801, No. 34-Charles J. Faselis to John and Nan Harllee, $1.1 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3701, No. 435-Arthur B. and Hazel M. Brisker to Heide L. Herrmann, $340,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3901, No. 102-Ruth C. Swanson to Caroline Davey Ritter, $477,100.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4007, No. 407-Alex and Catherine A. Dickerson to David B. Lieb, $380,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5402, No. 300-Estate of William A. Gaston to Alice J. Hong, $292,500.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5410, No. 611-Gregory S. Chaconas and Estate of Stephen G. Chaconas to Alberto and Maria Contestabile, $300,000.

EMERSON ST., 815-Paul Walker to Jonathan M. Kuhn, $396,000.

EUCLID ST., 1439, No. B1-Jason Hogan to Erin Casey, $270,000.

GALLATIN ST., 214-Pamela Pennix Green to Lewis Fountain, $300,000.

GARFIELD ST., 5025-Carol H. and Peyton G. Middleton to John Goldman and Georgette N. Gregg, $790,000.

GRACE ST., 3225, No. 225-Mikhail Galperin and Alisa Guyer to Christian G. Vergonis, $610,033.

HOPKINS ST., 1408-Lloyd I. Sederer to Leslie R. and Michael A. Grow, $1.41 million.

INGLESIDE TER., 1858-Amy L. Cassara and Robert W. Kelly to Julia and Luis Toro, $825,000.

IRVING ST., 764-Mattie L. Evans to Lidia Maria N. and Nelson Macedo, $221,000.

K ST., 3299, No. 504-Jonni L. Zimmitti to Monica E. Belizan, $775,000.

KALORAMA RD., 2017, No. 2-Megan Campbell to Donald and Elizabeth Rangel Channell, $550,000.

KANSAS AVE., 4831-Estate of Alroy Mann Smith and Karen Smith Prater to One Piney Grove Investment Corp., $277,500.

LAMONT ST., 524-Luvenia B. Taylor to James L. Granum, $250,000.

LANGLEY CT., 3941, No. 581-Melanie Stern to Jennifer A. McIntyre, $460,000.

MADISON ST., 427-Raymond Butler to Ambris Construction and Home Improvements Corp., $330,000.

MADISON ST., 928-Ziad Kabbani to Keith T. Glynn and Kathy L. Stearman, $599,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1312, No. 809-Beth Ann Bangert and Andrew H. Drechsler to Basak Levin Acikgoz and Vikram Somaya, $461,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4301, No. 1007-Gonzalo and Regina Biggs to Makan Delrahim, $164,500.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4927-Elizabeth A. and Melville H. Lyman to Gerard and Svetlana Janco, $840,000.

MORELAND ST., 5733-Robert A. Chlopak and Ellen K. Globokar to Angela and Craig Gildner, $975,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1725, No. 206-Aleth Yu to Francesca Castellani, $350,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE., 1611-Thomas Iseghohi to Anthony R.P. Cheng and Joseph Kim, $660,000.

NEWARK ST., 3851, No. 460-Sarah R. Horsey to Judit L. Kuklenyik and Janos Pszekeres, $442,500.

OGDEN ST., 1526-Elaine G. and Robert R. Kelly to Jeffery H. Pennington and Scott B. Sammons, $580,000.

ONEIDA PL., 712-Curtis Simmons to Jairon I. and Maria D. Flores Pineda, $300,000.

Q ST., 112-Lancelot Hassell and Quanita Pokolo Hassell to Shane B. Wolfe, $379,000.

Q ST., 2500, No. 344-Dan Friedman to Mary Beth Uitti, $415,000.

QUINCY ST., 1326-Sherrie Dail to Douglas Midkiff, $550,000.

R ST., 1800, No. 407-Berton P., Geraldine L. and Michael B. Levin to John David Ciorciari, $427,750.

R ST., 3120, No. 104-Bruce R. Ellisen to Micheline Mescher, $340,000.

RANDOLPH PL., 66-Kenneth and Lasonya Abney to Eric C. Broyles, $483,000.

RANDOLPH ST., 521-Raymond A. Cunningham to Rita Hansberry, $450,000.

REDWOOD TER., 1816-Alfredo Sfeir Younis to Kirsten Brecht, $1.21 million.

RITTENHOUSE ST., 606-Rodney J. Spratley to Trevor Angel and My Ducharme, $360,000.

ROCK CREEK CHURCH RD., 203-Yvette E. Johnson Lester to Andrea W. Dambrosia, $395,000.

RODMAN ST., 3823, No. 24-Casey P. and Stacey A. Fannon to Sara L. Bensley, $497,000.

S ST., 1621-William Thelen to Kevin E. and Kimberly Montano, $1.55 million.

S ST., 950-Alison L. and Ryan L. Edelstein to Janette Collins Mitchell and Leslie G. Holness, $675,000.

SCOTT CIR., 1, No. 616-Elizabeth S. Brown to Christopher Hartmann, $226,000.

SUTTON PL., 3207, No. 3207-Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership to Ann and Philip D. Gottlieb, $510,000.

T ST., 3505-Amy J. Frick and Michael D. Koppenheffer to Jennifer and Jonathan S. Solomon, $661,000.

TEWKESBURY PL., 1129-Benjamin F. and Lona Mae Johnson to Banana Enterprises Inc., $400,000.

U ST., 155-Kenneth R. Pleasant to Donna Colaco, $465,000.

U ST., 503-Angela Jones to Katayoun Rezvani, $518,000.

UNDERWOOD PL., 1315-Juan Davis and Herbert Smith to Ellinor T. Legg and Ruth Skafsgaard, $383,000.

UPSHUR ST., 1508-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Brian D. Hegedus, $525,000.

UPTON ST., 3619-A. Carl and Virginia G. Kaseman to Robert B. Chipman and Elizabeth W. Eggleston, $1.204 million.

VAN NESS ST., 2939, No. 222-Patricia Nye to Mary Jane Eisen and Robert K. Yass, $352,000.

WALLACH PL., 1326-Fred B. and Pamela T. Scott to Bradford Michael Dumont and Brady B. Pate, $613,000.

WATER ST., 3303, No. K5-Maureen Lamour Agron to Charles A. and Thomas L. Campbell, $720,000.

WHITTIER ST., 1412-Estate of Pearl E. Pierce, Aundrea Maxine Lonon and Janice Moraine Scarborough to Mirna D. Alvarado and Oscar D. Portillo, $460,000.

WILTBERGER ST., 1809-1225 Wylie Corp. to Christopher Henderson and Houston Kourtney, $145,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3010, No. B7-Shawn C. Smith to Todd M. Dickey, $257,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3110, No. 703-Eric H. and Taryn H. Rosenkranz to Alexandra R. Barnett, $465,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3217, No. 5D-Elisabeth Bruno to Audrey P. Liounis, $223,000.

SECOND ST., 1722-Ruby Elaine Garrett and Wilshire Credit Corp. to Clinton A. Cobb, $310,000.

FOURTH ST., 5007-Rhonda J. Knight to Corey D. Askew, $287,000.

FOURTH ST., 5521-Estate of Corrine Janie Wright and Paul Moye to Myrtle V. Howard, $337,500.

FIFTH ST., 4918-Mary C. and Richard T. Rushton to Sonya D. McCall Shepard and Darryl Shepard, $455,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 209-Frank A. Hornstein and Nancy R. Shin to Paul Collins, $355,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 706-Stacy R. Letz to Brian Gagnon, $517,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 902-Mehdi Hasheminejad to Marie T. Hooper, $395,000.

13TH ST., 1225, No. 307-1225 13th Street Corp. to Joo H. Yeo, $334,900.

14TH ST., 5309-E. Green and Saundra McCray to Robert Walton, $600,000.

16TH ST., 1901, No. 203-Gary Charles Lofaso and Seth Z. Potack to Elizabeth K. Leon, $260,000.

16TH ST., 2008, No. 203-Joseph E. Myer to Ross C.W. Winship, $320,000.

16TH ST., 3420-Patricia Lynn Pyle to Julie A. and Justin T. Donovan, $261,000.

16TH ST., 7209-Joanna Hawthorene and Mark Peters to MSP Corp., $613,450.

18TH ST., 1545, No. 101-Christopher F. Mukarbel to Paul Foldi and Bonnie Glick, $217,500.

19TH ST., 1704, No. 3-Alexandra J. Grochol to Anya Gupta, $267,500.

21ST ST., 1721, No. 301-Jill R. Davies to Prudential Residential Services, $731,500.

23RD ST., 115, No. N2C-2200 M Street Corp. to Susan Lyn Crown and Lauren Dru Frank, $1.025 million.

23RD ST., 1230, No. 513-Harold Harris to Miriam Kao and Nan Loh Yang, $875,000.

24TH ST., 922, No. 402-Irini Hadjisavva to Alexander and Sonya Naygauz, $209,000.

25TH ST., 1010, No. 105-Deborah L. Rogal to Eileen E. and William J. Forrestel, $362,800.

32ND ST., 6136-Dolores C. Dischel to Gregory H. and Maria H. Rooney, $755,500.

33RD ST., 1419-Suzanne St. Pierre Sevareid to Angelene and John C. Bradshaw, $1.609 million.

33RD ST., 1516-Frank G. Sterrett to Pedro P. Auger and Carmen Pages Auger, $1.2 million.

34TH PL., 3408-Joshua Horwitz and Ericka E. Markman to Sydney J. Freedberg and Martha Young, $2.1 million.

38TH ST., 3202-James Burr Ault and Mark H. Tidman to Jaime W. Aparisi, $785,000.


A ST., 1735-Tammy and Willie Dorsey to Anthony Perry, $385,000.

A ST., 5039-Jeffery N. Levin to Rafael and Victor Lopez, $75,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 2422-Estate of Margie C. Baskin and Leroy M. Fykes to Eric W. Utsey, $145,000.

B ST., 4444-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Belete Kirub, $315,000.

BURBANK ST., 326-Madison Properties Inc. to Latrice A. Vincent, $219,900.

C ST., 1215-Estate of Nancy Rhett and Gopa Khandwala to Elizabeth and Michael P. Woody, $482,500.

C ST., 1314-Kevin J. Haskins to Leonard and Maura B. Jeffords, $468,000.

D ST., 305-Holsey Gates Handyside to Robert H. Andersen and Yvonne M. Garrett, $750,000.

HALLEY PL., 10, No. 10-302-Stephen S. Young to Tupin K. Morgan, $98,000.

HORNER PL., 3739-Christine D. Jeter to Kovar T. Parker, $127,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1517-James T. and Kim D. Simmons to William J. Gnacek, $520,000.

MELLON ST., 422-Yetunde O. Adeleke to Charles A. McNeil, $189,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE., 452-Linda Hay Crawford to John M. Crain, $625,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 4270-Gretel Brown to Hanna G. and Temesgen E. Negussie, $225,000.

TEXAS AVE., 3515-Laron G. Norris to Alicia M. Dennis, $410,000.

TEXAS AVE., 4507-Ida B. and William I. Moorman to Gregory D. and Renee Thomas Booker, $145,000.

V ST., 3801, No. 202-Clara M. Gorman to Darlene A. Gorman Seldon and Calvin C. Seldon, $58,000.

FIRST ST., 3833-Darren A. and Gloria P. Gray to Doris Epperson Griffin, $165,000.

NINTH ST., 3014-Benjamin Butler to Nathaniel and Zetiene Spinner, $225,000.

NINTH ST., 350, No. 31-Kathryn R. Debord to James Crittle and Linda Kaufman, $630,000.

16TH ST., 1630-Brooks Martin Investments Corp. to Misti Dragano and David K. Pow, $250,000.

16TH ST., 1922-Kinsley A. Tere to Christopher E. Earley, $170,000.


DARRINGTON ST., 142-George Riley to Gwendolyn Lewis, $200,000.

GALVESTON ST., 6, No. 102-Jeannette T. Gray Jowers and Johnnie E. Jowers to Carroll W. Williams, $111,818.

HALF ST., 1204-Harry Silverman to Wan C. Li, $190,000.

M ST., 300, No. N508-Beauyn M. Kodani to Getinet and Kifle Bantayehu, $242,500.

THIRD ST., 620, No. 111-James Volkert to John T. Johnston, $470,000.

FOURTH ST., 1425, No. A210-Carl L. and Kimberly E. Benson to Diane L. Burton, $321,500.

SIXTH ST., 833-Jaime H. Rivera to John Dupree, $615,000.