Iraqis Cast Their Votes

On New Constitution

* Millions of Iraqis voted on Saturday and they appear to have approved a new constitution for their country.

Iraqi Shiites and Kurds, who make up about 80 percent of Iraq's population, seem to have voted for the constitution -- the document that outlines a country's basic laws -- in overwhelming numbers. Sunni Arabs, the other big group in Iraq, largely voted against the constitution, which they said was unfair.

Despite concerns about violence, some 60 percent of eligible Iraqis voted, officials said.

If final counting shows that the constitution was approved, the Iraqi people will elect a new National Assembly. That vote would come in December.

Other News

* Not all the news from the National Zoo was happy. Jafari, the giraffe who was operated on two weeks ago for skin cancer, died Sunday. The zoo has another giraffe, a male named Randall.

* Golfer Michelle Wie played in her first tournament as a professional and finished fourth -- well, almost. Wie, 16, was disqualified because, after hitting a ball into a bush on Saturday, she moved the ball and took a one-stroke penalty. Officials said she moved the ball closer to the hole, which should have been a two-stroke penalty.

Iraqi parents allow their kids to drop ballots into a box in Basra, Iraq.