State Department spokesman Sean McCormack showed yesterday how to answer a question without divulging any new information when he was asked at his briefing whether Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had testified before the grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA agent's name:

Question: During her interviews yesterday with Fox and NBC, the secretary indicated that she had been cooperating with the investigators -- investigation into the Valerie Plame affair. I just wondered, has she spoken and been quizzed directly by the grand jury? If so, when? And are there any plans for her to hold further -- to meet again with the grand jury if, indeed, this is the case?

McCormack: Right. I'll reiterate what the secretary said yesterday. She has -- she cooperated fully with the investigation, and she cooperated in all ways that were asked of her. I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment any further concerning an ongoing investigation.

Q: But did she meet with the grand jury? I have to ask that once more.

McCormack: Again -- right. I don't have anything to add to my answer.

Q: Have other members like you or [senior adviser] Jim Wilkinson or anybody else in the immediate circle been called?

McCormack: Right. Right. I think that all members of the -- the president made very clear that all members of the administration, that were asked to cooperate with the investigation, cooperate with the investigation, and I would leave it to those running the investigation to describe what kind of cooperation they have received from members of the administration.