Teenager Is Arrested in

Slaying of Lawyer's Wife

MARTINEZ, Calif. -- A teenage neighbor was arrested in the slaying of a prominent defense attorney's wife, and a newspaper reported Thursday that he clubbed her to death while looking for marijuana-growing equipment he had ordered.

Authorities would not identify the 16-year-old youth and said they were still working to determine a motive for the beating death Saturday of Pamela Vitale, the wife of lawyer and TV legal pundit Daniel Horowitz.

"Although we have a suspect, the investigation is still going on," said sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee. "Much more work still needs to be done."

Vitale, 52, was slain over the weekend at the hilltop estate where the couple were building their dream home in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Lafayette. The teenager lived down the hill on a remote canyon road. He was arrested Wednesday night.

The San Francisco Chronicle, citing an unidentified law enforcement source, reported that investigators believe the killing was related to a scheme that involved using stolen credit card numbers to fund a marijuana-growing operation.

The source said the boy had ordered equipment for the pot operation and mistakenly thought the supplies were delivered to Horowitz and Vitale's home.

* TAUNTON, Mass. -- Fears that a dam collapse could inundate this city's downtown eased, as pumping lessened pressure on the storm-weakened structure and officials began allowing some of the 2,000 people evacuated to return home. Residents had been evacuated for days since the Whittenton Pond Dam buckled and began breaking apart, and hundreds whose homes are nearest the 173-year-old dam were still being asked to stay away.

* LOS ANGELES -- Wal-Mart heiress Elizabeth Paige Laurie has surrendered her college degree after allegations that she cheated her way through the school. The University of Southern California said in a statement that Laurie, 23, "voluntarily has surrendered her degree and returned her diploma to the university." The University of Missouri renamed its basketball arena, which had been paid for in part by a $25 million donation from the Lauries and was to have been called "Paige Sports Arena."

* SEATTLE -- A federal appeals court upheld the Seattle school district's use of race by a vote of 7 to 4 as a tie-breaking factor in high school admissions.

* FRESNO, Calif. -- Two climbers on a Sierra Nevada glacier discovered an ice-encased body believed to be that of an airman whose plane crashed in 1942. The man was wearing a World War II-era Army-issued parachute when his frozen head, shoulder and arm were spotted Sunday on 13,710-foot Mount Mendel in Kings Canyon National Park, park spokeswoman Alex Picavet said.

* KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A fugitive couple accused of killing a prison guard during a courthouse escape were indicted on first-degree murder charges and could face the death penalty, prosecutors said. A grand jury returned separate murder indictments against former prison nurse Jennifer Hyatte, 31, and her career criminal husband, George Hyatte, 34, in the Aug. 9 shooting of corrections officer Wayne "Cotton" Morgan, 56.

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