Florida Law School Debates Pigs' Feelings

A university fundraiser in Florida that compels a faculty member to kiss a pig has been deemed by administrators as too "traumatizing."

For the pig, that is.

The annual Kiss the Pig contest at Nova Southeastern University's law school, which raises money for a children's hospital, allows students to select a teacher for the honor of smooching a swine.

But after being contacted by an animal rights group, Dean Joseph D. Harbaugh has urged faculty members to reconsider the event, and the student group that sponsored it is altering plans. Harbaugh said the event needlessly subjects the pigs to trauma.

"I personally observed the animal shivering and moving its head from side to side as it looked (frantically in my judgment) at those gathered all around," he wrote of last year's smooch.

It was professor Michael Flynn who was selected to kiss the pig last year.

"I didn't kiss the pig on the lips! I kissed it on the side of the head," he said. "I think if it had offended someone, I would never have done it."

-- Peter Whoriskey

Nova Southeastern University law students used to donate funds if a professor kissed a pig.