A quick look at a year's worth of campaign issues from the Virginia governor's contest:

Controlling Growth

Democrat Timothy M. Kaine proposes that local governments be given zoning power to reject developments if roads are not sufficient to support them. Republican Jerry W. Kilgore opposes such measures.

Gang-Related Crime

Kilgore proposes a rehabilitation program for some gang members and more severe penalties, including the death sentence, for certain gang crimes. Kaine wants to hire more state troopers, offer anti-gang training for teachers and principals and strengthen penalties for crimes involving guns.

Illegal Immigration

Kilgore would cut off public services for illegal immigrants. Kaine says it is the federal government's responsibility to enforce immigration laws.


Independent candidate H. Russell Potts Jr. says he would raise $2 billion or more a year through tax increases and tolls to pay for transportation improvements. Kilgore and Kaine say they would not raise taxes, even though each pledges to improve popular services, including education and transportation.

Tax Relief

Kilgore wants to cap increases on real estate tax assessments at no more than 5 percent annually unless the property is sold or improved. He also wants to give taxpayers the right to vote on any increase in sales, gas or income tax. Kaine wants to allow local governments to exempt as much as 20 percent of a farm's or home's assessment from the homeowner's tax. He also proposes a real estate tax abatement program.


Kilgore would allow regions to make their own planning and financing choices and would direct money from the state's general fund to transportation. Kaine says he would ensure that transportation trust funds are not diverted to other uses and would designate surplus revenue for projects. Potts pledges to call a special legislative session on transportation and would consider all funding sources.