In some Nov. 9 editions, an article about Timothy M. Kaine's victory in the Virginia gubernatorial election incorrectly referred to former governor A. Linwood Holton Jr. as a Democrat. Holton, Kaine's father-in-law, is a Republican.

In the Federal Diary in the Nov. 8 Metro section, the name of the assistant general counsel for the American Federation of Government Employees was incorrect. Joseph Goldberg, not Greenberg, holds that position at the union.

A Nov. 7 article incorrectly said that Iran resumed work in August at a uranium-enrichment plant. The nuclear facility in question is a conversion plant, where yellowcake uranium is turned into uranium hexafluoride gas. The gas could then be enriched, but that is a step Iran has said it has not taken.

A Nov. 7 Metro article about a D.C. Council bill to provide a monthly stipend to adults who are raising their grandchildren mischaracterized the views of Rob Geen, a senior researcher at the Urban Institute. The article incorrectly implied that Geen opposes requiring grandparents to undergo a background check. Geen's position is that background checks by the District's child welfare agency, which would be reviewing applications for legal custody from grandparents seeking the stipend, would be essential in such a program.

A Nov. 6 Style article about California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger misspelled the last name of the president pro tem of the California Senate. He is Don Perata, not Peralta.

A photo caption with a Nov. 5 Real Estate article on housing developments for people 55 and older incorrectly said that the Gatherings at Cedar Ridge and the Enclave at Ellicott Hills had been entered in a National Association of Home Builders competition.

The Nov. 4 Diplomatic Dispatches column incorrectly quoted a petition signed by U.S. Muslim organizations as referring to "secular violence." The petition said, "Sexual violence is not, nor has ever been, a legitimate means of punishment in Islam."

An Oct. 29 article incorrectly said that the armored vehicle known as the Buffalo is manufactured in South Africa. It is made in South Carolina.

A photo caption with an Oct. 26 Sports article misidentified a member of the Calvert High School volleyball team. The player pictured was Jana Lowe, not Whitney Johnson. The Washington Post is committed to correcting errors that appear in the newspaper. Those interested in contacting the paper for that purpose can send an e-mail to or call the main number, 202-334-6000, and ask to be connected to the desk involved -- National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, Business or any of the weekly sections. In addition, the ombudsman's number is 202-334-7582.