Pa. Girl Is Missing After

Parents Are Fatally Shot

LITITZ, Pa. -- A 14-year-old girl was missing after her parents were shot to death in their home Sunday morning, and authorities issued an arrest warrant for a man -- identified by police as David G. Ludwig, 18, -- believed to be her boyfriend.

Michael and Cathryn Borden, both 50, were killed shortly after 8 a.m. in their home in Warwick Township, about 60 miles west of Philadelphia.

The couple's 9-year-old son, David, the youngest of five children, had fled to the home of neighbors, who called 911, said Lititz Police Chief William Seace. An older daughter still living at home and two adult sons were also safe, he said, but Kara Beth Borden, 14, was gone.

"We don't know whether she has been abducted or is willingly a part of this," Seace said. He added that until police can determine otherwise, they are assuming Kara was kidnapped.

Authorities Sunday night issued an arrest warrant for Ludwig on two counts of criminal homicide, one count of recklessly endangering and one count of kidnapping. Seace said information from the other children indicated Ludwig shot both victims.

* DALLAS -- A woman accused of suffocating her 5-month-old daughter by using chili powder as a thumb-sucking remedy was convicted of manslaughter Sunday. Angela DiSabella, 21, of Irving, Tex., was sentenced to seven years in prison for the 2004 death of her daughter, Kira.

* RED LODGE, Mont. -- A carbon monoxide leak at Rock Creek Resort sickened dozens of people attending a banquet celebrating the 230th anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps, sending 42 of them to hospitals, authorities said Sunday. No one suffered major illness, said Red Lodge Rural Fire Department Chief Tom Kuntz. About 200 people were attending the banquet, he said.

* DALLAS -- A newlywed police officer was killed early Sunday by a suspect he was chasing on foot, authorities said. Brian Jackson, 28, and another officer went to investigate a disturbance complaint and chased a male suspect through alleys and between houses, Police Chief David Kunkle said. The man fired at the officers, killing Jackson, Kunkle said. The suspect, Juan Lizcano, 28, was charged with one count of capital murder and was in custody.

* WOODWARD, Iowa -- Twisters swept across two counties north of Des Moines on Saturday afternoon, ripping up farms and dozens of homes in the towns of Stratford and Woodward. Tornadoes also caused damage in a number of other areas, according to a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The governor declared the two hard-hit counties disaster areas. One person -- Lucille Runyan, 84, of Stratford -- was killed.

* CLEVELAND -- A man accused of going on a shooting rampage and killing a student at Case Western Reserve University in 2003 is set to go on trial Monday. Jury selection is expected to take at least a week in the trial of Biswanath Halder, 65, who faces charges including aggravated murder and terrorism. If convicted, he could receive the death penalty.

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