Two congressmen who were in a military vehicle that overturned on a Baghdad road emerged with only minor cuts and bruises, their offices said.

Reps. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) and Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) were treated in Iraq and later flown to Germany for further tests. Rep. Jim Marshall (D-Ga.), who also was riding in the vehicle, was unhurt.

The three lawmakers were in an armored minibus Saturday night when a truck traveling in the opposite direction forced it off the road, Murphy said in a telephone interview yesterday.

The accident happened near the end of a congressional delegation's trip to Qatar, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. The delegation, originally due back in the United States on Sunday, was heading for the Baghdad airport in a military convoy when the accident occurred.

"We had an accident, drove off the road," said Murphy, who said the convoy was not under attack. The bus "hit something, went up and came down and flipped on its side. I've got some bumps and bruises on me, and there was some concern about neck injury. . . . Because of some of the symptoms I was experiencing, they transferred me up to Germany to have an MRI done. . . . I'll have some pain for a while, but I'm okay."

Lara Battles, a spokeswoman for Skelton, said the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee was able to walk away from the crash.

"For Mr. Skelton, all those tests have come back and everything looks to be fine," she said. "They were very lucky." Battles said she did not know when Skelton would return to the United States.

Murphy returned yesterday.

-- Christopher Lee