U.S. Delays Answer On CIA Prisoners

BERLIN -- The United States has said it needs more time to respond to allegations that the CIA has operated secret jails and prisoner flights in Europe, the European Union's top justice official said Monday.

Franco Frattini, the E.U. justice and home affairs commissioner, warned that any member nation found to have hosted a covert jail could be punished. Concerns about alleged CIA activities in Europe have led to investigations in a half-dozen countries.


* TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- Manuel Zelaya, an opposition candidate who promised to battle government corruption and push for life sentences for violent criminals, was declared president-elect of Honduras.

His opponent, however, refused to concede, with a party spokesman saying the votes had not yet been counted in full.


* LONDON -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair denied receiving any details of a reported U.S. proposal to bomb the Arabic television news network al-Jazeera.

The Daily Mirror reported last week that a secret British government memo said Blair had talked President Bush out of bombing the broadcaster's Qatar headquarters last April.

* LONDON -- An independent watchdog group said it would investigate claims that London's police chief lied to the public after the fatal shooting of an innocent Brazilian man suspected of being a would-be suicide bomber.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair is to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission after an official complaint from the family of Jean Charles de Menezes. De Menezes, 27, was shot in the head as he boarded an underground train in London on July 22.

* MILAN -- An appeals court threw out terrorism charges against three North Africans, including Moroccan immigrant Mohammed Daki, whose trial was seen as a test case for Italy's fight against Islamic militants.

Prosecutors charged Daki and two Tunisians last year under anti-terrorism laws adopted in Italy in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. The men were accused of sending militants to Iraq and planning attacks in Europe.

The middle east

* KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip -- The ruling Fatah Party canceled its primary in Gaza at the end of a full day of voting after gunmen disrupted at least a dozen polling places, firing in the air and stealing some ballot boxes.

The violence underscored Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's inability to maintain order in the Gaza Strip, or even in his own party, as Fatah tries to fight off a strong challenge from the Islamic militant group Hamas in the Jan. 25 parliamentary elections.


* RANGOON, Burma -- Burma's military government has extended the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader who has spent much of the last 16 years in detention, her political party said.

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