Here are the highlights of the six-nation agreement under which North Korea would eventually abandon its nuclear programs in return for aid. The accord implements a deal reached in September 2005, but talks had stalled until recently.

W I T H I N 3 0 D A Y S Five working groups to be formed: Will begin discussions, formulate plans and report to the heads of delegations. Working groups will continue meeting indefinitely. · Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula · Cooperation on economic, energy and humanitarian assistance · Northeast Asia peace and security mechanism · Normalization of North Korea-U.S. relations. Includes removal of designation of North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism and other sanctions · Normalization of North Korea-Japan relations.

W I T H I N 6 0 D A Y S · Close down and seal its main nuclear reactor at Yongbyon under international inspection. · Provide a list of all its nuclear programs. · Grant North Korea 50,000 tons in energy aid. · Meet at the foreign-minister level with North Korea at the end of the 60-day period to confirm implementation of the agreement and talk about security cooperation in northeast Asia.

L A T E R North Korea is to: · Provide a complete list of its nuclear programs and disable all existing nuclear facilities. Other nations are to: · Grant North Korea 950,000 tons of energy aid. Details to be discussed in working groups. In a separate U.S.-North Korea agreement: Within 30 days, the U.S. pledged to resolve a dispute over U.S. charges that a Macau bank has been laundering illicit money from North Korea.