E.U. Officials Set Target For Greenhouse Gas CutsBRUSSELS --European Union environment ministers agreed Tuesday on an ambitious target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 in one of the boldest moves yet to contain global warming -- a goal likely to lead to mandatory limits for cars and pollution allowances for airlines.

But the goal -- to cut emissions to 20 percent below their 1990 levels -- could put a heavy burden on the E.U.'s newest members, and it was unclear how much of the load wealthier nations would shoulder.

The ministers said the target could be pushed up to 30 percent below the 1990 levels if other industrial countries sign on to a global effort.

THE AMERICAS · MEXICO CITY --Federal law enforcement officials arrested an assistant state prosecutor suspected of involvement in the murder of a state political party leader, a federal drug investigator and two pilots in the violence-torn border state of Durango.

Hugo Armando Reséndiz Martínez is also being investigated for allegedly protecting drug cartels and funneling advance notice of raids and investigations to two traffickers, the Mexican attorney general's office said.

Mexican leaders have long been accused in the United States of failing to crack down on corrupt public officials in the northern border states, where drug cartels are suspected of using bribes and coercion to control officials.

-- Manuel Roig-FranziaTHE MIDDLE EAST · JERUSALEM --Israeli security forces thwarted a Palestinian bombing set for Tel Aviv, police and Israeli media reported. Police said the suspect was arrested in an apartment in a suburb of Tel Aviv after a high security alert lasting several hours. Israel TV said the man led police to the bomb.

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