Bishop: Church Must Continue to Accept Gays The first openly gay Episcopal bishop, whose consecration has brought the world's Anglicans to the brink of schism, said that the Episcopal Church should not give in to demands that it roll back its acceptance of gays.

New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson said in a statement that Episcopalians should set aside the Anglican Communion's request for now "and get on with the work of the Gospel," even at the risk of losing their place in the Anglican fellowship.

"Doesn't Jesus challenge the greater whole to sacrifice itself for those on the margins? Now is the time for courage, not fear," Robinson said.

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· FORT BENNING, Ga. -- An Army medic pleaded guilty to the shooting death of a fellow soldier in Iraq during a night of heavy drinking. Spec. Chris Rolan, 23, pleaded guilty to unpremeditated murder in the Nov. 16, 2005, death of Pvt. Dylan Paytas, 20. Both were serving with the 3rd Infantry Brigade.

· CHICAGO -- Richard M. Daley (D) overcame a City Hall corruption scandal to win a sixth term, putting him on course to eclipse his legendary father and become the city's longest-serving mayor.

· ROME, Ga. -- Imam Mohamed Shorbagi was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for providing money and logistical support to the militant group Hamas. Prosecutors alleged that Shorbagi, who reached out to Christian and Jewish groups after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, provided financial support to Hamas from 1997 through December 2001.

· SAN DIEGO -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego declared bankruptcy, becoming the fifth U.S. diocese to file for Chapter 11 because of the 140 lawsuits it faces over sexual abuse by priests. The filing "is not a cop-out, but a sincere effort to face up to our responsibility," Bishop Robert H. Brom said in a message to the diocese's 980,000 parishioners.

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