Recent realty transfers in Suburban Maryland included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of sales prices in various communities. In most single-family home sales, husbands and wives both participate; to save space, only one spouse is noted here. Bethesda

R. O. Jonston sold a dwelling at 4913 Bayard Blvd. for $59,400 to Elizabeth A. Sur.

Sen. Hiram L. Fong (R-Hawaii) sold a dwelling at 9 Highboro Ct. for $185,000 to William E. Gentry.

G. E. Mouser III sold a property at 7606 New Market Dr. for $85,000 to K. Peter Schmidt.

D. R. Norland sold a home at 5713 Wilson La. for $125,000 to Arnold R. Brossi. Colesville

V. W. Schoen sold a home at 12305 Blakely Ct. for $71,500 to Daniel A. Skoretz.

E. B. Soyars sold a residence at 353 Schott Dr. for $105,000 to G. Nelson Clark. Gaithersburg

G. E. Post sold a home at 2 Brighton Dr. for $75,000 to Richard C. McClain.

D. A. Rago sold a home at 13012 Meadowview Dr. for $107,000 to John Z. Kox.

E. G. Enders sold a property at 26 Walker Ave. for $69,000 to Kenneth C. Youngman. Germantown

J. J. Weeda sold a home at 11524 Fenchurch Ct. for $35,900 to Charles E. Harris.