Recent realty transfers in Prince George's County included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of sales prices in various communities. In most single-family home sales, husbands and wives both participate; to save space, only one spouse is noted here. Hyattsville

H. S. Ikeda sold a house at 7203 Good Luck Rd. for $46,000 to Garnett Fields.

S. J. Kemp sold a dwelling at 6505 Lamont Pl. for $52,950 to Herman J. Lee. District Heights

R. R. Bartley sold a home at 2411 Roslyn Ave. for $43,000 to Lionel H. Lawson.

G. H. Kreslein sold a home at 7503 Kipling Pkwy. for $56,000 to David W. Harrison. Suitland

S. W. Fish sold a home at 2402 Fairhill St. for $48,500 to David W. Walden.

R. J. Jones sold a property at 2425 Green Wall Dr. for $45,000 to Mary L. Williams. Oxon Hill

B. S. Behe sold a property at 5801 Choctaw Dr. for $39,950 to Shirley B. Harrison.

A. C. Warn-Varnas sold a home at 1705 Taylor Ave. for $50,000 to Michael H. Luck.

P. G. Eliot sold a property at 912 Part Ter. for $57,000 to Robert L. Thomas. Temple Hills

J. D. Barnes sold a property at 4003 Henson La. for $28,700 to Helen M. Walsh.

O. R. Hernandez sold a home at 4011 Murdock St. for $42,000 to Idell Mitchell.