Recent realty transfers in Northern Virginia included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of values in varios neighborhoods. In most single-family home sales, husbands and wives both are indicated as participating; to save space, only one spouse is noted here. Alexandria

R. G. H. Carroll III sold a home at 3512 Cameron Mills Rd. for $87,500 to Kendall Russell.

J. W. Larkin sold a house at 5511 Gary Ave. for $58,000 to Maxwell L. Brown.

R. D. McClelland sold a dwelling at 228 W. Glebe Rd. for $41,000 to Josephine C. Thornton.

J. F. Chagnon sold a property at 68 Kennedy St. for $46,500 to Angelo Mele.

J. L. Reed sold a home at 1405 Oakcrest Dr. for $65,500 to Robert F. Shea Jr. and Mary H. M. Katsouros.

E. L. Blecksmith sold a property at 300 S. St. Asaph St. for $87,500 to Jerry C. Watson. Falls Church

R. E. Stewart sold a home at 3325 Nevius St. for $76,500 to David Spirt.

G. A. Labrozzi sold a home at 6712 Kerns Rd. for $54,500 to Richard H. Ronneberg. McLean

T. C. Roberts sold a home at 1022 Shipman La. for $100,000 to Peter M. Keller.

C. T. Smith sold a home at 1323 Mayflower Dr. for $70,500 to Jane E. Brown. Springfield

B. C. Rhoads sold a home at 7210 Beverly Park Dr. for $45,525 to Jimmie L. Finks.

J. D. Lambright sold a home at 5236 Lonsdale Dr. for $54,500 to Carol J. Horton.

D. E. Benstead sold a house at 6801 Galax Ct. for $61,000 to In S. Choi. Fairfax

D. L. Schap sold a home at 4003 Middleridge Dr. for $62,000 to George W. Matrigali.

G. P. Tyson sold a house at 2890 Glenvale Dr. for $82,000 to James S. McCready Jr.

J. R. Winter sold a house at 5132 Richardson Dr. for $66,250 to James T. Murray. Burke

J. Williford sold a house at 5494 Lighthouse La. for $58,500 to Jane P. Scheid.

D. L. Hite sold a property at 9414 Fairleigh Ct. for $48,000 to Bohdan D. Trewycz. Vienna

J. A. Perkins Jr. sold a property at 2532 W. Meredith Dr. for $100,000 to Paul J. LaRosa.

J. T. Pullman sold a property at 2809 LaFora Ct. for $57,000 to Norman L. Sheldon. Reston

H. L. Mazlett sold a home at 2602 Oldwick Ct. for $99,600 to Henry G. Jud.

R. C. Beerbower sold a dwelling at 11732 Indian Ridge Rd. for $79,000 to Vivian J. Case. Arlington

L. H. Holmes sold a home at 4832 Arlington Blvd. for $53,000 to Ronald E. Neumann.

R. A. Fisher sold a house at 308 S. Cleveland St. for $40,905 to Henry D. Rosso.

J. H. Finch sold a property at 4656 N. Dittmar Rd. for $81,000 to John L. DeWeerdt.

H. W. Baxley sold a home at 3143 Key Blvd. for $70,000 to Robert E. McCarthy.

D. L. Cahoon sold a property at 1619 S. Stafford St. for $50,000 to Susan A. Hall.

S. S. Foreman sold a property at 2808 N. 1st St. for $45,000 to Marna C. Morgan.