Moving isn't all statistics, performance records, and containers. There is a certain romance to it - the romance of starting a new life for the customer, of course, but also the romance of shipping and storing.

Robert E. Windham, president of Security Storage Co., can tell you about the time his company moved a fountain from Trafalgar Square in London to Long Beach, Calif., or when it transported live baboons and dead bodies across Washington to George Washington University's new medical school.

Then there was the Venus de Medici it shipped - in the same type of giant steel containers appropriated from Security clients for use as living quarters by several families in China and Ankara, Turkey. And Windham says he'll never forget the man who asked to store a used coffin until he was ready to use it himself.

At Fidelity Storage Corp. they reminisce about the 13th century cost of mail they once shipped - as well as the 13 bags of kitty litter they were asked to direct to Keyna. And they knew what to do with a recovered Japanese kamikaze plane during World War II, tombstones and a collection 150 antique clocks. But those 10 cases of 1937 Ford mufflers? It's all in a day's move.