Recent land and dwelling sales in Fanquier County included the following, selected at random from reports furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing house. In most transactions, husbands and wives are noted as participating to save space, only one spouse is named here.

Ethel E. Anderson's estate sold a 76-acre parcel on Routes 839 and 674. Center district, for $171,141 to Samuel M. Jones.

C. William Hartman sold a property with 3.75 acres on Alexandria Pike, Warrenton, for $112,000 to Howard W. Bovee.

George Haass sold a property known as the Rip Van Winkle Motel, on Routes 211 and 17, Warrenton, for $325,000 to Kenneth A. Crisman.

William E. Embrey sold a five-acre lot on Route 28, one mile north of Bealeton, Lee district, for $65,000 to William A. Long Jr.

Richard T. Hitt sold a parcel with two acres on Routes 29 and 15, near Opal, for $63,500 to Charles L. Settle.

Bruce A. Morgan sold a three-quarter-acre parcel on Routes 15 and 29, between Opal and Remington, for $41,000 to Mary Sue Green!

Lofton H. White sold a 10-acre parcel, Lee district, for $27,600 to J. T. Garner.

Andrew Jackson Nash sold a property on Main Street, Remington, for $85,000 to Samuel R. Pittman.

Frank J. Madal sold a property with 4.8 acres in Waverly Estates, Lee district, for $130,000 to Orie M. Jacobs.

Bellevue Associates sold a parcel with 14.5 acres in Bellevue Farms, Marshall district, for $31,050 to Lawrence H. Winters.

Sharon Yowell sold a property known as "Warrenton House" on Route 802 (The Springs Road), Marshall district, for $95,000 to C. William Hartman.

Waterloo Farm Joint Venture sold a 10-acre parcel on Route 691, Marshall district, for $20,000 to Marguerite E. M. Caldwell.

Harrison W. Canard sold a site on Route 245. The Plains, for $38,000 to Fauquier National Bank.

Philip L. Conick sold a five-acre-parcel, north of Auburn, for $69,050 to Ronnie Uhl Burnside.

William Pierce Bragg Sr. sold a five-acre parcel on Route 674, Center district, for $16,000 to Christopher L. Anthon.

Peter J. West sold a property in Fox Hills, Warrenton, for $51,000 to Nancy B. Price.

Harriet G. D. Wight sold a property with 504.9 acres on Routes 650 and 655, Remington, for $318,500 to William D. Powell.

Lenwood H. Embrey sold a commercial property with 20,863 square feet of land on Marshall Street, Remington, for $50,000 to Michael C Wyman.

Alice Bolio Lemnah sold a 297-acre property known as "Edgeworth" on Route 688, near Hume, for $236,250 to David E. Marshall.

Wallace K. Glascock sold a 10-acre parcel on Route 647, Marshall, for $117,500 to Charles H. Ketcham Jr.

Steven M. Parr sold a property with 5,785 acres on Route 647, Marshall district, for $58,000 to Michael W. Gabe.

Marguerite O. Huffman sold a half-acre site on Route 710, near Route 55, Marshall district, for $40,500 to Zachary Fleetwood.

M. M. Hutchison sold a property with 81.746 acres on Route 709, Scott district, for $87,500 to Arlene L. Pripeton.

Larry M. Crawford sold a 20-acre parcel in Scott district for $149,000 to William A. Tilton.

Franklin Stuart Gillespie sold a seven acre parcel on Route 623, Scott district for $138,000 to James T. Adams.