Recent property transfers in Loudoun County include the following, selected from reports furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm. In most transactions, husbands and wives are indicated as participating to save space, only one spouse is named here.

P. McDonald sold a property with 29.4 acres in the Lovettsville district for $124,050 to R. G. Grimshaw.

The Moler Co. sold a 10-acre parcel on Route 693, Lovettsville district, for $27,500 to R. W. Holmes.

Chalk House West sold a property on Route 611, Mercer district, for $450,200. A. H. Bryant II purchased the 126-acre site.

G. W. White sold a 25-acre parcel, two miles east of Middleburg, near Route 633, for $72,500 to C. M. Matthews.

J. B. Rice sold a 27.5-acre property on Route 611, Mt. Gilead district, for $165,000 to Betty F. McGuire.

L. Beecraft sold a property with 39.8 acres on Route 659, Broad Run district, for $80,000 to Helen A. Nash.

H. D. Lorey sold a property in the intersection of Herdon and Ashburn Roads, Sterling, with 22,936 square feet of land, for $120,000 to G. D. Haddix.

W. W. Oyler sold a 23-acre property at the intersection of Routes 711 and 716, Purcellville, for $110,400 to J. A. Boehret.

M. T. Pitz sold a property with 1.8 acres, near Route 665, Waterford, for $92,650 to Margaret A. Richardson.

Mary D. Flournoy sold a quarter-acre parcel at the intersection of Routes 7 and 719, Round Hill, for $46,000 to Middleburg Pharmacy, Inc.

W. H. Sweeney sold a property with 36,972 acres, near the intersection of Routes 663 and 799, Lovettsville district, for $180,000 to J. M. Ballo.

Kathryne S. von Stade sold an estate with 987.7 acres, two miles east of Middleburg on Route 776, for $1.1 million to Elizabeth M. Furness and others.

R. I. Green sold a property on Sycamore St., Middleburg, for $39,500 to N. J. Ward Jr.

C. Dickson sold a property with 308 acres near North Fork for $400,000 to D. P. Boyd.

W. Nowakowski sold a seven-acre parcel on Route 659, Sterling, for $67,000 to J. B. Dew.

L. E. LeSourd sold a property with 23.5 acres, near Route 9, Jefferson district, for $64,000 to G. K. Cotts.

Alice S. Pierce sold a property with 10.5 acres on Route 625, eight miles south of Leesburg, for $26,500 to W. Rule IV. Sterling Park

F. W. Daily Jr. Sold a townhouse at 508 E. Maple Ave. for $39,500 to D. A. Stubbs.

R. W. Yates Jr. sold a townhouse at 118 E. Maple Ave. for $38.300 to Archie Estelle Kling.

E. E. O'Sullivan sold a home at 511 N. Adler Ave. for $57,000 to L. W. Reeves.

G. E. Evers sold a dwelling at 102 N. Garfield Rd. for $58,900 to C. R. Meyer Jr.

Gloria H. Duncan sold a home at 101 W. Proplar for $45,000 to L. P. Tinsley. Sugarland Run

D. E. Brooks sold a dwelling at 100 Baker La. for $49,000 to H. J. Bailey.

D. T. Scott sold a house at 34 Brookfield Clr. for $57,100 to R. L. Evertts.

A. R. Friedman sold a home at 37 Biscayne Pl. for $75,000 to A. R. Rathman.