Recent realty transfers in Montgomery County included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of sales prices in various communities. In most single-family home sales, husbands and wives both participate; to save space, only one spouse is noted here. Wheaton

J.M. Acton sold a home at 2601 Arvin St. for $53,000 to James J. Whalen.

L.L. Trego Jr. sold a house at 2103 Dayton St. for $53,000 to Michael D. Casserly.

D. K. Bryant sold a property at 11624 Gail St. for $45,000 to Robert J. Conlan. Kensington

T. J. Saffell sold a home at 3000 Oak Dr. for $42,000 to Alvina C. Cook.

N.J.C. lester Jr. sold a home at 3814 Everett St. for $64,100 to Richard H. Driscoll. Olney

H. R. Donovan II sold a home at 4216 Gelding La. for $69,950 to James E. Gadek.

R. R. Williams sold a property at 17717 Tree Lawn Dr. for $70,000 to Gary D. Hamilton. Potomac

S. A. Jayne sold a home at 11515 Gauguin La. for $135,000 to Luis F. Jaramillo.

E. F. Bradley sold a home at 2510 Stratton Dr. for $80,400 to James J. Hanyak. Rockville

A. R. Weinstock sold a property at 1525 Baylor Ave. for $76,000 to Michael S. Parent.

R. C. Piper sold a home at 323 Howard Ave for $39,950 to Maurice T. Jackson.

F. C. Smith sold a property at 4004 Saouthend Rd. for $61,500 to Luis G. Torrico. Silver Spring

W. F. Brown sold a home at 10109 Brunett Ave. for $52,500 to Lucila E. Williams.

D. J. Christensen sold a property at 504 Hermleigh Rd. for $91,000 to Walter L. Delbrugge, Jr.

D. P. Bifareti sold a home at 14900 Hydrus Rd. for $41,000 to Angelo Scavarda.

H. A. Hppkins sold a dwelling at 2100 Washington Ave. for $40,000 to Charles E. Countee. Chevy Chase

M. Y. Pennell sold a home at 4519 Dorset Ave. for $106,000 to Richard G. Pokorski.

J. Bogart sold a home at 4700 Merrivale Rd. for $120,000 to Reimer Carstens. Bowie

R. C. Jackson Jr. sold a home at 12709 Clearfield Dr. for $47,000 to Jack R. Drumrine.

M. B. McDonald Jr. sold a dwelling at 13109 Overbrook La. for $54,000 to Charles L. Neidecker. Mitchellville

G. A. Smith sold a home at 3038 Nutwood La. for $46,500 to John J. Furhrman.

R. F. Briggs sold a house at 15514 Powell La. for $63,900 to James E. Humphries. College Park

D. F. Meininger sold a home at 5626 Ruantan St. for $44,000 to Thomas P. Mahters.

R. A. Taylor sold a home at $8304 Cunningham Dr. for $55,950 to Robert F. Floyd. Clinton

C. C. Buchanan sold a home at 11300 Marlee Ave. for $47,950 to Arthur D. Schaerdel.

R. J. Donato sold a home at 7707 Keppel Pl. for $55,500 to Robert W. Kaplan.