In this nostalgia-mad age, you'll find similar-looking hall trees selling for up to $400 in antique shops. Now you can build this "instant" for just around $50 (including the mirror). Use it as a conversation piece in your entryway, den or recreation room. The English used to love these as a handy storage places for umbrellas, walking canes and hats. (The battered black hat pictured here was worn by actor Vincent Price in that 3-D moive, "The House Of Wax.")

Basically, this project involves only a few weekends of work. The 2x2's require only straight saw cuts (except for the curved frame around the mirror, which can be traced and cut right from our full-size pattern). No router is required for that fancy ornamentation. We got ours ready-made at a do-it-yourself center and just glued it on. The plywood seat opens up to provide storage space and can be covered with a cushion or simply stained to match. A complete materials list and many step-by-step instructions and pictures guide the amateur woodworker all the way.

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