Investment of some Muhammed Ali money in this Washington area seems now to focus on Northern Virginia, where the premier fighting man turned-entrepreneur showed himself at the set for purchase by Ali for about $1.8 million. Additionally, he is expected to be the eventual owner of some of the Jefferson Mews townhouses that went through foreclosure by Virginia National Bank and then were resold to varied investors.

But it was Ali's appearance at the three-story Babson building at Braddock and Rolling roads in the Kings Park shopping center area that set off public awareness. When Ali arrived, sales manager Robert Baker of the Shannon & Luchs office in the Babson building just happened to see the champ. "On my own initiative, I gave him a tour - even though I had no role in the transaction." (Fallin & Bush is the broker). Shannon & Luchs is a tenant in the building, said Baker, who was recently pictured with Ali in the Springfield Independent.

Meanwhile, more Ali investments in area real property are expected. A spokesman at the Ali "world headquarters" office in the eight floor of 1150 Connecticut Ave. NW. said that no realty purchases have gone to settlement thus far. But Carter Smith added: "We have Ali to set up some cash flow for his retirement." That sounds like real estate investment, right?