Thirty-six craftsmanship awards were presented last evening at the Shoreham by the Washington Building Congress.

Twenty-one individual craftsmen and 15 teams were honored for "exceptional skill and pride of workmanship" among 60 entries, said Harry K. Rinker, chairman of the 21st annual program. He said that the program is also designed to encourage young people coming into the construction trades to adopt high standards and carry on the tradition of craftsmanhip.

Each of the winners was cited for unsual work on specific contracted jobs in this area.

Among the individual awards were: Brick Paving

Luis Girotami of Peter Bratti Associate, Inc., who overcame "great difficulty" in the installation of brick pavers for the Metro subway construction project; Buchart-Horn Associates, architect. Carpentry

Leonard Nalls of George Hyman Construction, for the installation of frames and counters at a National Bank of Washington office; Sullivan Almy Inc., architects.

George A. Brady of John H. Hampshire, Inc., for "ingenuity" in adopting factory-formed shapes at the East Building, National Gallery of Art; I.M. Pei & Partners, architects. Ceramic Tile

Theodore Dei Borrell of Standard Art, Marble & Tile Co., whose work with 48,000 individual pieces in 37 deferent colors duplicated original floors installed 100 years ago at the Smithsonian Institution; Hugh-Newell Jacobsen, architect. Electrical

Kenneth Robinon of E.C. Ernst Inc., for "exceptional craftsmanship and patience" in assembling several hundred pieces of brass tubing at the Hyatt Regency Hotel; Wotton Becket & Associates, architects.

Nell M. Belt of E.C. Ernst, Inc. for an unusual installation at the Hyatt Regency Hotel; Wotton Beckett & Asscociates, architects.

Harold Goldsmith of Walter C. Dee Co., for installation of electrical work at a Georgetown Instand Steel building; Arthur Cotton Moors Associates, architects. Marble

Pat Porzillo of Peter Bratt Associates, Inc., for installation of a thin marble veneer on unistruts at the National Air and Space Museum; Hilmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, architects. Masonry Louis Hill of George Hyman Construction, a supervisor and Instructor who helped oversee work at Lord & Taylor, White Flint Mail; Gilboy, Stauffer, Giornbetti, architects. Millwork

Clifford Rodgers of Washington Woodworking Co. Inc., for a large window at St. Mark's Episcopal Church; Hartman-Cox, architects.

Howard Cox of Washington Woodworking Company, Inc., for work at the Paca House, Annapolis, Md.; Russell Wright, architect.

James Marshall of Lank Woodwork Company Inc., for work on a antique Incomotive in the "1676 Exhibit" at the Smithsonian Institution. Upholstering

Clifford Rodgers of Washington Woodworking Company, Inc., for a ralling at Shaw, Pittman, Potts, & Trowbridge; I.S.D. Inc., architects. Painting Fritz Gordes of Edward W. Minto Company, Inc., work at the D.C. Dentention Center; Brown & Wright, architects.

George Markel of Edward W. Minte, for work at the National Visitor's Center; Seymour Auertbach, architect. Plumbing Douglas McPherson of R.M. Thornton, Inc., for longrange work at the Washington Cathedral; Howard B. Trevillian, architect. Precast Concrete

Rudolph C. Zimmerman of R.E. Linder Steel Erection Co., for work at Martin Marietta Corp.; Chatalain, Samporton & Carcaterra, architects. Terrazoo Remo Zucconi of Boatman & Magnani Inc., for installation at the Sherman Statue; National Park Services, architects. Wallcovering

Rodney Lindstrom of Myers-Christianson Co.; for work at the Monkey House; National Zoological Parks; Faulkner, Fryer & Vanderpool architects. TEAM AWARDS

Architectural Concrete

John Weaver, Ralph Bleven, William H. Webb and Arlie Weinberger of George Hyman Construction for work at International Square; Vlastimil Koubek, architect. Carpentry Form Work Theodore W. Harris, Waler H. Conley and Ralph E. Miller of Chas. H. Tompkins Co., for a column at the National Gallery of Art; I.M. Pei & Partners, architects. Electrical Edgar L. Farmer and Francis A. Griffin of Hoard P. Feley Co., for work at the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co.; James Eliopolo & Associates, consulting engineers. Millwork Engelbert Boos and Luigi Flain of Lank Woodowrk, for an ornamental stairway at the Foundary Restaurant; Vlastimil Koubek, architect.

L. Edsel Thomspon and Arthur C. Cole of Lank Woodowrk Co. and Commercial Carpentry Corp., for additional work at the Foundry Restaurant.

Engelbert Boos and Qustandi Kaibni of Lank Woodwork, for an extension to a rostrum in a room of the Cannon House Office Building; George M. White, architect.

William Beaton and Charles D'Alfonzo of Washington Woodworking Co., for an irregular-shaped bar in the 1789 Restaurant; Richard J. McCooey, designer.

Willaim Eaton and Allan Jones of Washington Woodworking Co. for work at the Evironmental Research & Development Agency; S.L.S. Environetics Inc., architects.

Charles D'Alfonzo, Willaim Beaton and Alan Jones of Washington Woodworking; for work at the National Visitor's Center; the Potomac Group, architects.

William Eaton and Andrew Bumbers of Washington Woodworking for panels used at the National Bank of Washington, Operations Building; Vlastimil Koubek, architect. Structural Steel Willaim Easter, Charles D. Grubb, M. Douglas Arnold, Robert W. Hawkins, William F. Willaims, John H. Irwin and Claude Brummett of Industrial First, Inc., for work at the East Building of the National Gallery of Art; I.M. Pei & Partners, architects. Wallcovering

Robert Prentiss and August Merkel of Edward W. Minte Co., Inc., for work at the Zupnick residence; McAfee Associates, designer.

Paul George, John Reardon and William F. Monree of Edward W. Minto Co., Inc., carpet installation at the Hyatt Regency Hotel; Wetton, Becket & Associates, Architects.

Manuel Creel and Abdalhamid Saghri of Edward W. Minto Co., Inc., silver embossed vinyl installation at National Gallery of Art; I.M. Pei & Partners, architects.