Dear Mr. Metlzer: As everyone knows, we have had a really bitter cold winter thus far in our part of the country. As a result, all of us are extraconscious of heat saving devices and methods.

Since our basement is the warmest place in the house, we were thinking about insulating the heater and the pipes? You're the expert. Do you think it would be advisable? We'll abide by your answer.

ANSWER: Yes, I would definitely insulate the heater and pipes if I were you. You'll find that the fuel savings resulting from this will pay for what the job costs you in about two or three years.

What's more, I think you'll find that your heater will maintain a much more comfortable remperature throughout the house. I'm very much for it!

DEAR MR. MELTZER: This past Christman I got the best present from my wife that she ever gave me. It's beautiful set of tools, which I have wanted for a long time. We moved into our house about a year ago, and it's the first time in our married life that I had room for a workshop of my own.

But there's fly in the ointment. Every time I try to use a motor driven tool, the television set does funny things. The picture is distorted, things dance around, etc. I have three children, and they'd rather give up their parents than the television set.

Since I go to work every day, I can only work in my shop evenings and on weekends. But that's when the kids are home. So we have a big problem. Is there any solution?

ANSWER: Interference of this kind is oftne caused by the fact that your motor driven tool is connected to the same circuit as the television set.

If this doesn't solve the problem, you might try buying a special condensor at an electrical store. This should support the disturbances you are experiencing. The condensor should be connected between the motor of your appliance and the wiring of the house.

Bernard C. Meltzer is a realtor, engineer and appraiser. He does not answer letters personally. His address: Suite615, 1420 Walnut St., Philadelphia 19102.