Homeowners in Maryland and nine other Eastern states will be able to get $400 in federal money after April 15 to help cover the cost of installing solar hot water systems, government officials announced this week.

A solar hot water heating system costs from $1,000 to $1,300 to install, the officials said.

About 950 homeowners in Maryland will share $437,500 of the $4 million in Housing and Urban Development money distributed by the agencies to 10,000 owners of new or existing homes. The states will get an additional $600 million to administer the program.

Other states selected are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Another $5 million or so in federal money, to be distributed by the Energy Research and Development Administration, is to be distributed to hotels and motels across the nation for solar heating, the officials said.

Joseph Sherman, director of HUD's energy technology office, said the purpose of the project is to demonstrate that technology for efficient and economical use of the sun to heat water for home use "is right here right now."

Although precise guidelines have not yet been worked out, HUD says developers and builders are also eligible. Interested Maryland residents should contact the Maryland Energy Policy Office, Suite 1302, 301 West Preston St., Baltimore, Md. 21201. The phone number is (301) 383-6810.