Recent land sales in Loudoun County included the following, selected from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

V. M. Lynch sons sold a property with 222 acres on Route 606, Broad Run district, for $400,000 to E. A. Pritchard.

Chantilly Construction Corp. sold three parcels with 29 acres on Route 609, Broad Run, for $479,200 to Dulles Industrial Park Inc.

W. S. Dawson sold a 75-acre tract on Ryan Rd., near Ashburn, for $121,240 to H. Kim.

J. C. Kennedy sold a 45-acre parcel on Old Mountain Rd., Mercer district for $60,000 to Y. J. Shearer.

T. Littleton sold a 24-acre parcel at the junction of Routes 50 and 627, Mercer district, for $100,100 to McK. Costin.

G. Diamont sold an 11-acre property on Route 734, Aldie, for $135,000 to J. E. Greeley.

Martha I. Franklin sold a property with 111 acres, Broad Run, for $156,100 to K. F. McKeehan.

D. L. Janson sold an 82-acre tract on Route 743, Mercer district, for $210,000 to M. Parrish.

J. L. Spindle sold a 47-acre property on Route 50, opposite Mount Zion Baptist Church, for $100,000 to R. Dost.

Paula C. Lewis sold two parcels with 153 acres, Lovettsville district, for $150,000 to B. R. Firestone.

D. H. Ruttenberg sold a property with 171 acres in eight parcels, on Route 743, Mercer district, for $175,000 to International Horse & land Co.

A. W. Luhrs sold a 73-acre property near Route 601, Paris, for $55,000 to D. M. Maxwell.

Recent single-family home sales in the county included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of values in various communities. Sterling Park

Sharon L. Dahle sold a townhouse at 2000 S. Eads St. for $36,800 to J. E. Clague Jr.

K. H. Falke sold a home at 502 W. Holley Ave. for $46,000 to E. R. Stallings.

Myrna J. Cox sold a house at 307 E. Poplar Rd. for $45,000 to G.S. Quina.

H. G. Cloutier sold a home at 706 N. Vernon St. for $60,000 to D. E. Hull.

J. E. Riddle sold a home at 887 S. Ironwood Ct. for $61,000 to L. E. Scovotto. Sugarland Run

W. B. Heuser sold a home at 51 Carolina Ct. for $42,000 to J. Greenaugh.

D. L. Putnam sold a house at 111 farmington La. for $59,500 to O. J. Breen III.

P. A. Givens sold a home at 10 Pheasant Run Ct. for $64,300 to R. L. Sherman.

D. A. Hager sold a house at 123 Victoria Pl. for $54,000 to J. E. Sicensavage.

D. R. Tighe sold a home at 116 Hillsdale Dr. for $61,000 to G. P. Gibney.

C. M. Albrecht sold a house at 124 Woodgate Ct. for $39,900 to L. E. Phillips.