Recent acreage sales in Fauquier county included the following, selected from reports furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

Drake University sold a property with 440 acres, two miles from Linden, for $400,000 to Financial Mortgage & Realty Corp.

Fauquier County Virginia Partnership sold 634 acres off Route 713, near Delaplane, for $558,000 to Henry L. Townsend.

John Green sold a property with 131 acres off Route 610, Lee district, for $500,000 to Theodore J. Ahneman.

Mabel C. Scholtz sold a 742-acre property fronting on Route 683 and known as "Riverland", Marshall district, for $750,000 to Ethel W. Flinn.

Lacy W. Peters sold three parcels of land containing 335 acres, fronting on Route 806, Cedar Run district, for $282,200 to Charles L. Landes.

Rosie L. Schindel sold an 85-acre property fronting on Routes 29 and 15, two and one-half miles from Remington, for $100,000 to Lawrence Blum.

Mary E. Payne sold a 120-acre property formerly known as "Mt. Airy", seven miles from Warrenton, for $175,000 to Ronald L. Korn.

Frank Maglolo sold a 72-acre property on Route 635, Marshall district, for $99,440 to Dirgham Salahi.

William T. Meredith sold a 20-acre parcel on Route 17, near Warrenton, for $150,000 to Ali T. Abboushi.

Virginia S. Burgess sold a property with 103 acres on Routes 626 and 702, near Halfway, to Turner Reuter Jr.

Austin W. Bach sold a 84-acre property in Cedar Run district on Route 602 for $185,000 to Edward P. Evans.

Gerald D. Hall sold a 158-acre property, five miles southwest of Marshall, for $105,000 to George R. Thompson Jr.