Are you a little weary of housing developments and the stereotyped styling they invariably offer? If so, you have the opportunity to see something delightfully different not too far from home.

Springtime is touring [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and planners of the annual Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimages, a series of tours in various counties, have gone to great lengths to please this year's visitors. The state schedule begins today with a walling tour of the Bolton Hill area of northwest Baltimore City. Tour trolleys are available between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. from the State Office Building parking lot on Eutaw Street next to the Maryland National Bank.

Next week, Anne Arundel County opens its doors. The 15 points of interest awaiting visitors in Annapolis include Hammond-Harwood, Chase-Lloyd and paca House. If your interest lie in the countryside, you will find in the southern part of the county, Holly Hill, Cedar Park and Burrage's End all dating from the 17th century. Their age is matched only by their charm, Tour tickets may be purchased at any of the houses on the tour. Look for the arrows marking the open houses. Hammond-Harwood, one of Annapolis' more popular attractions, is at 19 Maryland Ave.

Charles County's tour will be held May 1 and will feature the Port Tobacco area. One tour spot, Mulberry Gove, legendary seat of the John Hanson family, commands a breathtaking view of Port Tobacco Creed.

A first-time feature on the Charles County program is "Friendship," possibly the oldest home in this county. The home was recently moved to the campus of the local communitycollege and is still in the process of restoration. Another highlight will be Chimney House in Port Tobacco, with its gigantic external chimneys with window and door openings. The information center for the Charles County tour is located at Whitr Plains, on Rte. 301 3.1 miles south of Waldorf.

Carroll County, neighbor to Baltimore, Frederick and Howard counties, is featuring a rare tour this year. It has a dozen historic structure of tremendous interest. Start at the Carroll county Historical Society headquarters at 206 E. Main St., Westminster.

Tickets for any of the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage tours are $7, or $2 for a single house. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Programs may be obtained by mail from 600 West Chesapeake Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21204 for $1 each and are given out at no additional cost on the tours. Visitors will find distinctive road markers noting each Pilgrimage route.