Recent real estate transfers in the District included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various neighborhoods. Northwest

A. Cohen sold a home at 130 Bryant St. for $49.500 to Edson E. Blackman III.

A. F. Gill sold a dwelling at 5024 Fulton St. for $110.000 to David H. Bilee.

J. V. Perryman sold a house at 1735 Harvard St. for $58,700 to Idelle A. Howitt.

J. F. Davis sold a home at 2355 King Pl. for $110,000 to Daniel T. Hickey.

D. K. Totten sold a residence at Logan Cir. for $90,000 to Laurence D. Anderson.

L. H. Tompkins sold a home at 1225 Missouri Ave. for $38,000 to Geraldine.

M. V. Poole sold a home at 536 Oneida Pl. for $48,500 to Arthur E. King.

M. M. Lewis sold a house at 3434 Porter St. for $78,000 to Vincent M. Nanni and Joseph A. Haim.

S. L. Parker sold a home at 736 Quincy St. for $34,000 to Milton D. Dishman and Eleanora F. Gould.

K. R. Clift sold a home at 3500 Rodman St. for $105,000 to Meade Emory.

L. Best sold a home at 1219 Underwood St. for $58,500 to Benjamin F. Mazyck.

C. A. Paterson sold a home at 830 Varnum St. for $43,500 to Iris J. Clark.

S. G. Klein sold a home at 2629 Woodley Pl. for $110,000 to Martin Ganzglass.

M. E. D'Imperio sold a home at 4208 38th St. for $75,000 to George H. Butler. Southwest

R. A. Van Hecke sold a home at 188 Darrington St. for $25,000 to Marzina Robinson.

W. V. Frederic sold a home at 615 I st. for $93,500 to James H. Gambrill and Paul G. Irwin. Northeast

H. F. Baker Jr. sold a home at 314 A St. for $95,000 to Jane D. Golden and Marilyn A. Elrod.

M. M. Kelley sold a property at 1715 Allison St. for $59,000 to Carl H. Siler.

P. D. Gewirtz sold a home at 221 14th St. for $46,000 to Melvin A. Burruss.

E. L. Baker sold a home at 302 C. St. for $91,500 to David L. Cornwell.

W. E. Rinehart sold a house at 1324 D. St. for $28,000 to David K. Nikkel.

H. L. Nolan sold a home at 229 F St. for $85,000 to Ernest M. Vollberg.

J. R. Barton sold a house at 1008 Galloway St. for $42,250 to James A. Gentry Jr.

H. L. Jackson sold a home at 658 Maryland Ave. for $87,000 to Joseph A. Wilkes. Southeast

R. J. Reese Jr. sold a home at 431 Bradywine St. for $35,100 to Russell Rich.

M. T. De Cicco sold a home at 1349 G St. for $53,500 to Anthony J. Moffett Jr.

S. A. Douglas sold a home at 3131 Lyndale Pl. for $38,000 to Wallace E. Beaner.

H. E. Hagerty sold a home at 525 9th St. for $57,217 to Arnold J. Sperling.

G. L. Mahood sold a house at 115 10th St. for $102,000 to Shlomo Reutlinger.

A. Hightowers sold a home at 36 53rd St. for $43,000 to Josephine S. Bashful.