Susan Matlick, executive director of the Suburban Maryland Home Builders Association, and Gail Edwards, who has the same post with the D.C. Builders Association, are among less than a dozen women who head the staffs of National Association of Home Builders chapters around the country.

(The Northern Virginia Builders Association is directed by Robert C.F. Johnson.)

Edwards, a native of Salt Lake City, took over the top spot with the D.C. builders five years ago. She was previously in marketing administration with Page Communications.

Although she still has to be concerned with the planning of building industry promotions and social events, Edwards says she is spending increasingly more time these days arranging meetings that deal with inner-city construction and rehabilitation. She also represents builder interests in dealings with the D.C. government on legislation, taxing and community-related projects.

Divorced since 1964, Edwards lives with her working daughter in a Herndon town house. Another daughter is married and recently made Gail Edwards a grandmother.

Edwards, who jogs with her dogs to stay fit, shows her Alaskan malamute in dog competitions and has the ribbons to prove it.

Susan Matlick came to Washington about eight year ago from Sydney, Australia. She worked at the Australian chancery, went to England, and then returned and was employed by the Suburban Maryland association in 1973 as a secretary. When Richard Wiefland left the top staff job, builder Milton E. Kettler, then president of the organization, promoted Matlick.

The SMHBA encompasses Montgomery and Prince George's counties and has affiliated members in Charles, Calvert and St. Marys counties.

Matlick, who has a staff of five, is responsible for keeping members up to date on legislation and local issues. Since the sewer moratorium, Matlick said she has learned more about how to dispose of sewage - and the problems involved - than she ever really wanted to know. "But it's an important part of the job," she said.

Susan and her husband, Thomas, an engineer, own a house in Rockville.