The tone was hostile at first, as residents of the Pembrooke of Loudoun town house development met with the project's general manager last Monday night.

"Are you going to clean out the sewer line?" one man asked?

"Who replaces the light bulbs in the outdoor post lamps?" asked antoher.

"What about the starlings in the attic?"

"Why don't uou throw your weight around and get some action on uncompleted (or mishandled) fix-ups?"

New owners of the converted units in Sterling Park were assembled at the Dulles Marriott to grill marketing director William O. Vose, hho represented Pembrooke redevelopers Walter J. Hodges and Stephen G. Yeonas. The meeting was sponsored by the developers.

On the sewer question, Vose said the company would clean out the laterals from houses to street this time. Lights bulbs will be replaced by the homeowner association (which gets monthly fees up to $40 from owners, depending on size of units), he said.

The starling problem, he said, was "a new one."

All legitmate complaints would be taken care of within a reasonable time, Vose said, "hopefully within three weeks - as suggested."

The general manager also said that a contract has been let to patch and repave the parking lots, to repair sidewalks and that any dead (new) trees would be replaced.

Many Pembrooke buyers seemed to be unhappy, mostly about the quality of workmanship and delays and snafus in redoing the town houses.

But one woman, who said her husband was in construction, told Vose that she understood his problems. "I think you are trying," she added.

Pembrooke, formerly the Sterling Park Town Houses, were among the relatively fee rental units in that Loudoun County community for a dozen years until they underwent conversion to condominium ovnership earlier this year. Many of the purchasers were making their first big jump from thenancy to ownership.

C. L. Kasey and his wife, however, had owned houses before they rented a town house at Pembrooke. They bought their three bedroom-unit there "as is" for $26,900. Kasey, who is retired and plans to do some interior work on the house, said the monthly payment is lower than the rent tehy were paying before. As tenants of the project, they had known it was good unit, he said.