Get involved in your condominium association if you want to enhance the value of your condominium unit and make it easier to sell.

That's the finding of a nine-month study of 36 condominium projects in the Washington metropolitan area conducted by the National Capital Condominium Federation.

The study included high rise buildings, garden style complexes, townhouses, and multiplex buildings. Thirty-three were located in Maryland, two in Virginia and one in the District.

The survey found that condominiums with the highest percentage of owner participation in their management were the easiest to resell. NCCF President Richard Schinnell said, "When a good percentage of owners are involved in the running of the condominium association, the day to day operation - either by committee or on the board of directors - there are usually less resale problems."

Owner participation indicates owner concern - with appearance, reputation, upkeep, etc. And owners who care about resolving problems and about keeping up the apperance of the complex make the units more attractive to potential buyers.

"The more you get involved being a unit owner, the better the chance the entire complex will increase in value," said Schinnell.

If you are unable to get owners involved on the condominium association, hire a professional management firm, the organization said: Good professional management has the same impact.

Another finding of the study concerned the number of lenders which held mortgages in a complex. "The more lenders involved in a project, the easier the (units) are to sell," Schinnell said.

Whenever a bank or savings and loan association is asked to finance a mortgage in a condominium project for which it has never previously made a loan, the lender's attorney must review the condominium documents (by-laws, master deed, etc.).

This increases the cost of the loan to the buyer, the study found. It can make the lender less anxious to lend. And it may reduce the ability of a buyer to get the best interest rates or down payment on the loan.