Recent realty sales in Fauquier County included the following, selected from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

William A. Rogers sold a home with two acres in White Gate Acres, Cedar Run district, for $67,500 to Herman D. Hutchison.

Alice Pach sold a 10-acre parcel on Route 827 and 605, Center district, for $36,000 to David S. Fincham Sr.

Holmes H. Smith, Inc. sold a dwelling with 10 acres, off Route 806 near Morrisville, for $65,232 to Laverne M. Porter.

Anna B. Young sold a home on a one-acre site on Route 643, Lee district, for $48,500 to Paul Prescott Brewington II.

Harry L. Morris sold a dwelling in Canterbury Village subdivision, off Route 687, Lee District, for $96,800 to William A. Rehanek.

Lawrence Drake sold a 50-acre property that was a part of "Humblestone," fronting on Routes 17 and 690, near bethel, for $210,000 to Thomas A. Greenland.

Bobbie F. Carey sold a 25-acre property near Route 647, Marshall district, for $65,000 to John W. Mills.

Arthur Carter sold a property with 17 acres on Route 645, Marshall district, for $67,500 to Martha J. Hamm.

Harold D. Kube sold a 15-acre tract off Route 674, Scott district, for $45,000 to George W. Grayson.