Recently realty sales in Alexandria included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various areas of the city.

W.P. Recker sold a home at 109 E. Clifford Ave. for $29,950 to Shirley M. Monroe.

V.C. Gray sold a house at 106 S. Columbus St. for $80,000 to Thomas J. Stanton.

T.R. LeRoux sold a home at 5 S. Early St. for $40,500 to Christopher P. Shema.

E. Katz sold a property at 5000-06 N. Fayette St. for $145,000 to Truman C. Broyles.

R.E. Applegate sold a home at 1110 N. Howard St. for $128,000 to Joseph G. DiGiacomo.

F.N. Krasevic sold a house at 3006 Mosby St. for $6669,950 to Charles L. Williams III.

J.A. Brasswell sold a property at 218-28 N. Payne St. for $78,000 to Elizabeth E. Eisele and Robert N. Elliott.

J.O. King sold a home at 804 Russell Rd. for $66,500 to R. Michael DeGraff and Carl W. Smith.

E.A. Williams sold a property at 417 S. St. Asaph St. for $135,000 to Wesley Wilson.

T.A. Reynolds sold a property at 26 E. Windsor Ave. for $35,000 to Melcolm W. Alls.