Recent home sales in Montgomery County included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various communities. Bethesda

T.D. Dublin sold a house at 6907 Bradley Blvd. for $175,000 to Jerome F. Hoskins.

A.N. Kontaratos sold a dwelling at 6430 Earlham Dr. for $97,500 to John J. Chakalis.

R.C. Pasons sold a home at 8908 Grant St. for $76,146 to Gustave Prost.

M. H. Payntar sold a home at 6116 Wynnwood Rd. for $96,500 to Peter L. Boggs. Sumner

W. Bredo sold a dwelling at 5110 Wood Way for $1135,500 to Kantadharm Suphamongkhom.

P. J. Hurtgen sold a house at 5603 Wood Way for $130,000 to Stephen S. Roach. Coresville

D. E. Perry sold a home at 10918 Lockwood Dr. for $44,000 to Frank R. Gittleson..

J. E. Castro sold a home at 1112 Snider La. for $65,500 to Jackson D. Melton. Gaithersburg

J. A. Hopkins sold a home at 13100 Brandon Way for $105,000 to Robert G. Rabben.

C. R. Clark sold a house at 19037 Capehart Dr. for $55,900 to David R. Gardner.

W. A. Osborne Jr. sold a home at 18937 Diart Rd. for $87,000 to Stanley M. Newman.

S. B. Milam sold a home at 18906 Montgomery Village Ave. for $52,000 to Klaus D. Mielenz. Germantown

H. B. Black sold a home at 17131 Blackrock Rd. for $69,952 to Nelson N. Hsu.

J. N. Pryce sold a home at 17400 for $48,,000 to Herbert W. Windsor.

G. L. Burkey sold a home at 19012 Staleybridge Rd. for $57,500 to Wendel Kuntz III. Rockville

B. K. Narayan sold a home at 5103 Brentford Rd. for $58,000 to William S. J. Lo.

R. G. Bostrom sold a home at 300 Dean Dr. for $50,650 to Richard C. Simmonds.