Recent realty sales in Fairfax County included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various communities. Fairfax City

H.L. Bohr Jr. sold a home at 9813 McLearen Ct. for $78,000 to Keith Sovine.

J. L. Hansonnn Jr. sold a property at 10725 Maple St. for $36,000 to Harland C. Wood.

K. J. Stover sold a home at 4256 Allison Cir. for $42,000 to Robert F. Zepeda. Vienna

T. F. Gruber sold a home at 421 Blair Rd. NW for $88,000 to Harry H. Loh.

C. McCuistion sold a home at 3061 Sugar La. for $47,500 to Robin K. Pedlar.

J. R. Corey sold a home at 8304 Cottage St. for $56,000 to Bill R. Linder. Falls Church

J. M. Van Doren sold a home at 2304 Brilyn PL for $62,587 to Robert W. Barr.

TB. J. Kennedy sold a home at 3373 Ardley Ct. for $78,000 to David L. Jones.

C. H. Goodman sold a home at 3007 Woodlawn Ave. for $52,000 to Michael Sarka. McLean

Wend von Buelow sold a home at 7002 Bright Ave. for $85,000 to Frederic H. Kass III.

J. Buday sold a home at 1423 Mayflower Dr. for $83,500 to Brian J. Cummings Jr.

D. S. Doyle sold a dwelling at 7350 Eldorado Ct. for $90,000 to John V. Lund.

R. H. Hovis III sold a home at 1425 Ironwood Dr. for $165,000 to Hans J. Weiss.