Recent really sales in Prince Georges County included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various communities. Adelphi

J.L. Dalzell sold a home at 1937 Lebanon St. for $49.500 to Robert G. Miller.

M.L. Newman sold a home at 10523 Carnation Ct. for $75,000 to Cliford Robersen. Bowie

D.C. Welling sold a home at 12604 Brunswick La. for $49,950 to Woodrow B. Brown.

K.J. Sobzack sold a house at 12719 Clearlfield Dr. for $60,000 to Peter W. Meddelson.

E.W. Flynn sold a house at 13427 Idlewild Dr. for $47,000 to Terry R. Rogers.

Gilbert Samuelson Jr. sold a dwelling at 13025 Marquiette La. for $39,200 to Robert T. Whalen. Oxon Hill

W.D. Wood sold a dwelling at 1420 Dunwoody Ave. for $46,000 to Stephen P. Crist.

R.H. Sidbury sold a home at 1608 Fenwood Ave. for $51,316 to Charles R. Kunstbeck.

C.E. Wiley sold a home at 1621 Taylor Ave. for $52,000 to Roger A. Brown.

R.J. Harron sold a home at 1804 Hollydale Rd. for $45,500 to Percy A. Graves.

N.E. Pagenhardt sold a home at 8611 Fort Foote Ter. for $38,000 to Stephen N. Bowles. Laurel

D.S. Vitez sold a home at 8516 Briarcroft La. for $61,000 to Tony F. Chew.

F.W. Gore Jr. sold a home at 15702 Tasa Pl. for $68,000 to Donald R. Soeken.