Since he was 9 and big enough to lug buckets of water on his father's home building jobs, Martin Marcus has been in construction. Now he's the president of a new firm (Marcus Corp.) that is an affiliate of Berger/Berman Builders, Inc., and a sister company of the Berger/Berman subsidiary known as SLS Construction.

The firm headed by Marcus will concentrate on large building projects, while SLS, under Gene Korth, will continue to concentrate on smaller projects in the commercial area. All of the companies are based under the same roof in Rockville.

Until recently, Marcus was senior vice president of Majestic Builders and the Polinger-Zupnik Companies. After more than 12 years and experience on a variety of high-rise construction jobs (Watergate at Landmark. Highland House, Park Southern, the Kenwood and the Chevy Chase Office Building, to name a few), Marcus decided to leave as the result of a conversation with a Potomac neighbor.

Peter Berman is hte neighbor, and he's also co-partner and co-founder of the Berger/Berman home building firm with Robert Berger, who mentioned that the firm was interests in breaking into heavy construction. One world led to another and family a bargain was struck.

Marcus, Berger and Berman are all in their 30s but Marcus, at 39, has the total executive look with a full head of white hair. "It's started laughingly attributed it to job-related concerns and such," he said.

A native of the District who lived at 5th and Decatur NW and later at 13th and Van Buren NW, Marcus attended Coolidge High, Montgomery Junior College and GWU for ayear before joining the D.C. Department of Highways and Traffic as an inspector. Then he moved to private industry, beginning as an assistant superintendent with Northwest Branch Construction in suburban home building and then to heavier construction with Stanley Zupnik and then with the Polinger-Zupnik firm.

At the moment Marcus is setting up the new firm and undertaking a 30,000 square foot office building in Olney.