the National Press Club, long a fixture on the top floor of its own building at the southeast corner of 14th and F NW, has noted in its own publication some thought of building a new headquarters building. Several options seem to be open to the corporation that operates the building and certainly two of them must be to maintain ownership of the present building or sell it. In regard to moving into a new structure, the NPC might also consider leasing space at the top or first basement floor of a new downtown building and using less space at a higher rate for its club operation. The big luncheon and social occasions could be handled in downtown hotels.

Recent property transfers of record include the Russell Trains paying $250,000 for a townhouse at 1803 Kalorama Square in NW. Train formerly headed the federal environmental agency . . . The Washington Bible College recently sold a group of properties at 1441-53 Rhode Island Ave. NW for $533,840 to J.C. Associates. The 16,000-square-foot site is zoned for hight-rise apartments . . . The Comnet offices building at 5185 MaArthur Blvd. NW was sold recently for $1.78 million by Harget Associates Limited Partnership to Flour Mill Limited Partnership . . . And former energy [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Frank G. Zarb and his wife recently sold their residence at 7704 Falstaff Rd., McLean, for $134,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Canova.

Over in Fenwick Island, Del., just across the Mason Dixon line, there's a dwelling that stands out because it has been labeled The Alamo and resembles a last chance residential stand in a neighborhood of much better houses. In recent years, the small apartments in the Alamo have been leased to salesgirl on one floor and lifeguards on another. Well, the girls in one apartment had their fill leaky roof problems and some things related to sanitation. They complained to the property leaser but got only guff in return. So this decided to withhold the final month's rent, $400. That brought eviction threats. But the legally trained father of one of the young women took the case to the local judicial authority and won the point. End of season. End of story.

During the summer months, Greg Brannock has been working for his father, leasing specialist, Duke Brannock. Greg added askateboard dimension to his downtown delivering chores . . . And on a family note, partners William C. Stuart and Deane Maury, now have Stuart's son and namesake as an officer of the firm. And a daughter of each senior partner works in the realty office that recently expanded in its upper Wisconsin Avenue location.

When MCD Holdings, Inc., the Maryland home building firm headed by Albert W. Tuner opened a new style sales center last week at Kingsford (no model houses: but heavy on displays and such), Tuner was turned on by awards of plagues from two of his suppliers. But he had to be almost flabbergasted when Rep. Gladys Noone Speliman (D-Md.,) turned up and tossed Turner a big verbal bouquet. She said he is one of the few builders in Prince George's County whose opening party could attract her. It was all very warm and in totally good taste, as Turner's onlooking wife would attest. Maybe this is a sign that solid single-family builders are finding a more attractive climate in Prince George's.

On the Eastern Shore, Carol D. Bauman of Easton, Md., mother of four and recently the horse shown writer for the Star-Democrat in Easton, has become a sales associate on the staff of Latham. Realtors, in Talbot County. There's a passel of high-priced estates on creeks and rivers in that area. Mrs. Bauman is the wife of Rep. Robert E. Bauman (R.Md) and they live with their family at Glebe House near Easton.

Solar Consultants, P.O. Box 1897, Rockville, has published a 33-page Solar Energy Government Publication Guide that is available, postpaid for $4.95. Purpose of the publication is to provide a "comprehensive, annotated listing practically oriented government publications in a concise format. At random, one of the listed publications is An Economic Analysis of Solr Water and Space Hications is An Economic Analyisi of Slr Water and Space Heating, 1976, 25 pages, ERDA, available from GPO, stock no. 060-000-00038-7, $1.40. It compares solar energy costs to other energy costs.

Joan LeBosquet Rhodes, one of the few area women specializing in commercial real estate, had sales in excess of $4.6 million last year and she has an award from the Northern Virginia Board of Realtors to boot. Rhodes, whose office is in Old Town Alexanderia, said: "For the last two years I have taken a professional course (in real estate) about every two months. The more I learn the more I realize how crucial knowledge is in this business.

HUD Secretary Patricia Roberts Harris got a favorable report on FHA's Section 223(f) mortgage insurance program from Donald M. DeFranceaux, president of DRG Financial Corp., which has received FHA mortgage insurance commitments on 89 apartment refinancing projects (20,000 residential units is 63 cities) totalling $258 million in loan volume in two years. While boosting the non-subsidy program for extending the useful life of moderately priced rental dwellings. DeFranceux also put in a plug for the loan-to-value criteria to be increase from 85 to 90 per cent in the line with other FHA multifamily lending programs.

And mortgage broker Elliot D. Kocen, vice president of Ivor B. Clark Co., Inc., here, add this view on 223(f) apartment loans in a firm bulletin to clients and prospective clients: "If you want to refinance your apartment instead of selling it, you can replace 100 per cent of existing debt as long as it does not exceed 85 per cent of the project's value. The FHA programs are too attractive to overlook."